Impact of Globalization on Three Levels and How They Relate

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Globalization is the aspect of the integration of the people, businesses, governments as well as companies in the global space and which they front to share and partner in undertaking and performing different obligations. It is simply the process through which the world dynamics have changed to incorporate people from different nations sharing a platform as well as companies, countries, and businesses transacting certain objectives in the global eye. Globalization has brought forth the induction of different cultures, nations or people into one space through which they can associate, interact as well as conduct transaction agendas aimed at improving their livelihood and existence. In the assessment of the behavior and application of globalization, one might get confused and think of it is only a global affair.

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However, it is different from that with globalization incorporating three major and different levels towards its mandate. Globalization appears to have brought light to these people through the scholarship programs for students. The scholarship program offered due to the good ties and foreign indulgence with the local community activities serves as a great benefit for the local community form the opened up global network. As the investors come to acquire and invest within the community, they have developed a prospect of corporate social responsibility under which has established an aspect to give back to the same community, (Randhir). For example, some of the locals have gotten access to education services to overseas institution, not because they are capable to afford but due to scholarships offered by the investors within the region.

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The opened up international integration that has allowed for foreign and local investment within our regions has brought light to education for the people who could hardly receive the services. The industries provide opportunities for employment, generate revenue for the government to invest in other sectors, as well as ensure there is the innovation of products within the domestic market. For example, the revenue from the industries gets used by the government to offer universal health care to the population as well as created employment opportunity improve the livelihood of people and which has provided for exports of the products manufactured to earn foreign revenue. Impact of globalization on Global level Increased international trade: Although there were trading links in the ancient days, the latter was carried on under limited space as well as by very few and close regions.

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Under the globalization, there has been increased international trade and investment in the world economy. The provision of the increase in international trade has been provided that almost half of the economic activities across the world are traded amongst nations in the international market, (Sharma, 2004). Through the initiative, Chinese culture gets transferred to the American nation, Germany culture being accommodated in the African nation and so on. The cultural activities of these people have been accommodated within the federal and local levels such that people attend to these events and activities back in their countries. For example, in schools, there are different observed days and events of different cultures. Also, aspects like foods have been accepted by people and the reason as to why there are many Chinese restaurants in the United States providing Chinese foods to be consumed by people of different backgrounds.

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