Impact of Study Anxiety on Academic Performance

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(2) Every person must voluntarily agree to take part in a research study. Such a form of agreement is known as informed consent, which requires the participants to understand the research together with its risks. Obtaining the approval enables the subjects to learn about their rights purpose of the study, procedures followed and the potential risk and benefits of participating. (3) The ethical guidelines for human subjects include respect for persons, beneficence, and justice. (4) Research meets the IRB approval requirements when the potential risk to the issues is equal to the benefits that the society gets from the investigation. Other factors that students may consider personal and will be included during data collection include their experience, feelings, and thoughts related to their university life and study process.

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Consequently, it will be essential to obtain informed consent from them to use their academic performance and personal experience in the study. More importantly, various issues raise concerns about the primary data that will be collected. Every student has personal details that they may not like revealed in the report for security purposes. Furthermore, providing such information in the final report violates academic ethics. Best survey designs practice ensure that the target population remains at the core of the data correction process (Garcia p. Since the target population in this study involves university students, both male and female learners must take part. Therefore, the sample population will be represented by ensuring that 50% of the participants are females and the other half are male learners.

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The age bracket considered will be between 18 and 21 years, which is the average age of students in the second year of their university studies. Therefore, there will be a criterion of ensuring that the students selected to meet the above qualities. The sample will be students who only fall under the 18-21 years age bracket and are the ones that the investigation must consider during data collection. Part 4 – Type of Data The size of the sample needed for the study will be four hundred female and four hundred male second-year students. The random sample that will take part in answering questionnaires will include the students who will agree to take part in the study by signing the consent letter. The questions will revolve around anxieties related to study, exam, class presentation, social, language and the new university environment.

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The questionnaire will contain forty items, and each will have five scale that requires the participants to answer questions on their experience, feeling, and perception about the anxiety they experienced once they joined the campus. The results from this survey will help to understand the relationship between the poor performance and the various stressors among the first year students. Therefore, they will contribute in the creating effective support programs during orientation that university students receive once they join the university. Operational induction process can effectively reduce the performance gap identified in many university learners and ensure that they effectively manage their level academic life throughout the university life. Works Cited Christine, Garcia. "Survey Archives - Socialcops. com/wp-content/themes/felicity/issues/vol3issue4/priyadarshini.

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