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In other words, the world is focusing on sustainable energy. Another important consideration is energy consumption and which methods are put in place to conserve energy. Companies are spending lots of billions of money in energy costs. Consequently, the campaign is towards use of renewable energy rather than the use of fossil fuels. Design of the Building The building of focus is the workplace building. On the contrary, a small office that is located on top of the warehouse is poorly designed having external metal walls, metal roof, internal block wall and only one small timber-frame window. Due to the nature of the materials that the building is made of, it is not easy to control the temperature in all seasons that is summer and winter.

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Owing to the fact that the office is used by a number of IT works, their health conditions is a risk. Some of the facilities contain cavity wall insulation, between the suspended ceiling and roof. This is a better sign of good design. The average consumption of these facilities is 58kwh. During winter the consumption at night is so high at 348kwh which amounts to £19. 45 for every night. However, the average annual consumption is 119902kwh. Considering office cooling, they are well maintained in various rooms including offices, server room, restoration office and IT office. The internal lighting section is fitted with a number of bulbs having the ratings of 4. 66kwh in the main office, 1. 9kwh in the restoration, canteen section that contains bulbs that consumes 12088 kWh and the clothing store has bulbs that consume 345w in terms of rating.

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In the workshop, the bulbs located in the restoration section consumes 0. 96kw with losses, vehicle workshops have bulbs that use 2. The replacement should focus basing on sustainable energy. Thus energy in the building is not efficiently used. Another method that can be adopted is by considering other sources of energy such as wind or solar rather than relying on one source of energy. The replacement of the underfloor heating and the thermostat to new machines that work efficiently. Insulation should be done especially on office equipment to prevent the energy losses. The company spends lots of resources on relying on electricity. The alternative source of energy will reduce costs of energy and increase the energy consumption. The cost consideration is, therefore, an issue of concern.

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One of the projects is estimated to cost close to £52 million according to the European Union. The company can be funded from the organizations such as the European Union. 35wh/m3 thus the system could save more heat energy than its uses in electrical energy. The cost of installing the system can cost an average of £7,000 to £12,000 (Owain, et al 34). Conclusion The energy management strategy is an issue of concern. The company should focus on alternative ways of adopting new other sources of energy. The new methods should rely on the adoption of clean sources of energy such as wind or coal. Omer, Abdeen Mustafa. "Focus on low carbon technologies: The positive solution. " Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 12. Sunikka, Minna. "Energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies in urban renewal.

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