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Such is what is referred to as a white-collar crime. White collar crime, therefore, refers to nonviolent criminal activities primarily motivated by financial benefits and committed to organizations such as the government or other business organizations. Some of the major white collar crimes that have been reported to be very rampant include identity theft, forgery, embezzlement, tax evasion, insurance fraud, money laundering, cybercrime, Ponzi schemes, bribery, copyright infringement and insider trading. This work will examine bribery as a national white-collar crime and why it needs to be addressed. It will also examine a theory as to why bribery occurs in today’s society, three potential Tonry’s policy responses that could be used to address the crime namely, law enforcement by the police department, the courts and the correctional institutions, prevention of occurrences of the crime and regulation or reduction of the crime in the society. The paper will also discuss the policy that best works in addressing the issue together with evidence that the particular policy is the best among all the other responses to crime that will be discussed. Bribery is a white collar crime that refers to the act of receiving or giving something usually in form of money so as to influence the receiver who in most cases is a government official or a public office employee to do a particular favour for the giver. These favours in most of the cases include job opportunities, getting services done faster than the usual period it would require, avoiding speeding tickets by the traffic police among others.

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Bribe itself is an inducement, sum of money, property, privilege, vote, goods, preferment or any valuable item given by the giver in exchange for a favour. Bribery is a crime in which both parties involved that is the giver of bribe or the receiver of the bribe, may be charged. The issue of bribery, therefore, needs to be addressed so that the country as a whole can develop instead of a situation whereby there are two extreme conditions, one of poverty and the other of rich people. This can only be made possible if policymakers offer protection and make it easy for people to report incidences of bribery without them having to fear for their lives. In addition, for social change to take place in today’s society, a zero-tolerance approach should be adopted whereby bribery is absolutely not tolerated in the society such that when people who are used to bribery are around those that do not tolerate it then they will change their ways too.

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To understand what causes people to give bribes and to receive bribes, a theory is known as the public choice theory tries to explain why people take and receive bribes. This theory focuses on individuals. It involves reporting of criminals found taking or receiving bribes and taking action against such individuals. Some of the actions that can be taken against the offenders include payment of fines and fees and imprisonment. This response is however effective if the system is made safe for common citizens to report the occurrence of this crime. Hence protection must be provided to those who choose to follow the law and report the lawbreakers. Law enforcement is a very effective response to bribery because if heavy fines and fees are imposed to those found committing the crime, or if long terms of imprisonment are given to the offenders, it serves as a lesson and a warning to those who are still propagating the crime.

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Another way in which bribery can be reduced is by making bureaucracy more efficient. A study should that by reducing the size of agencies and the number of employed personnel can reduce bribery. This is because things are more transparent when fewer people are involved as compared to when too many people have a say in one thing. In conclusion, all these policies when put together would go a long way in reducing and even eliminating corruption altogether. However, the best response that can address bribery very well is the first response that was discussed. com/1996/09/19/us/spiro-t-agnew-point-man-for-nixon-who-resigned-vice-presidency-dies-at-77. html%7C A Theory of Bribes | Roman Skaskiw. n. d. Retrieved from https://mises.  Public choice, 121(3-4), 363-390. Ackerman, S. R. Corruption: a study in political economy.  New York: Academic Pres.

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