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Cultures get transformed all over the world as a result of various developments in a field like communication, engineering, and manufacturing. The move has seen people move from their small-scale farming to owing large-scale due to advanced means of technology (Shachaf, 2008). Notably, the way in which people have been communication has improved significantly in all aspects. Indeed, it is good to acknowledge that the influence of technology on culture has been both positive and negative (Murrin et al. Therefore, the paper aims to critically discuss how technology has affected the culture addressing both the positive and negative implications. Also, the technology helped farmers as they were able to purchase farming tools or the replacements parts at any time and at low prices compared to the using the wooden tools which often broke down quickly.

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Also, there was an impact in cloth making where the sewing machines could be used to fix any part of clothing as well as mass production where it got sold to people. Indeed, fast production meant that goods required for consumption and application by the people were available due to mass productions due to industrialization. Therefore, the American culture changed a lot when people started finding leisure time within their schedules. It enabled people to develop their interests which later led to the development of social clubs, sports, and theatres (Pfaffenberger, 1992). Hence, they opted to abandon the culture of agriculture, and they moved to the big cities to find jobs with good pay to sustain their families. Without a doubt, most people, communities and American culture incredible changed following the commercialization of farming (Reilly, 2002).

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When people moved the city, they discovered that the city life was not so easy. The living in the town was fast as compared to the slow growth witnessed in the rural areas. The people were forced to adopt the city life. Invention of Automobiles The assembly line in the manufacturing industry led to the design of automobiles by Henry Ford. The technology was very influential when it came to the movement of people from one place to another. The development not only improved transportation but it also defined how American cities got formed. Before the invention of automobiles, most of the people were living very close to the town since they had to walk while going to work. However, the culture changed when the automobiles became affordable to middle-class people.

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Yes, the culture of most Americans changed drastically with the new means of communication as it took a short while to communicate with one another. Hence, the world that was once perceived as a significant world was made a tiny global village by the advancements (Shachaf, 2008). Negative Impacts of Technological Advancements However, the technology gets associated with the negative impacts of the cultural revolution. Agricultural technology allowed corporates to expand farming through the creation of several dams in human settlements. Most of the populations were forced to leave their farms to look for new places. The objective of creating technology was to make life easy in all aspects of life and culture; however, given circumstances, it was difficult to eliminate all the negative impacts.

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