Importance and Impact of Data Security in Business

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It is useful in safeguarding personal files of employees and protecting the privacy of clients. It ensures information on payments and bank account details remain confidential and only accessible by the appropriate people. Protection of data from being compromised require investment an incorporation of physical and administrative controls and advances software that cannot be penetrated. Regular maintenance and monitoring of the hardware by the technical team allow them to detect possible flaws and opportunities for compromise. The use of codes and passwords restrict access of specific people to the database or entirely limit it to a one-person operation2. Literature Review For years, data collection, transfer, storage and management has been a crucial part of businesses and organizations. The methods and technologies applied in this process have advanced with new innovations and improvements on existing technologies taking center stage.

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For efficient and effective operations in production, there flow of information from the various parties involved is crucial. The information shared by the company with its customers or the employee data entrusted to the human resources management and the client information owned by the business are all sensitive and confidential. They provides the company with an insight of areas that need adjustments especially on financial basis and help in monitoring progress. An equally important security technology is use of firewalls although 40% of internet breaches happeneven with a firewall in place. It is therefore vital that a business understand its security needs that are exclusive to them and relevant to the scope of threat to data. The size of organization influence the amount of data it handles on a daily basis and thus security systems should be customized to suit their requirements and imminent threats.

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Small and medium enterprises deal with relatively small amounts of information but the sensitivity is equally important to the large amounts of data handled by big organizations8. Data management policies within the business should be well-schemed and structured for the amount of information a company handles. The challenges facing data security companies will be assessed and identified through comprehensive research. Another research method that can be used in analyzing the security of the internet environment is through purposeful sampling of security companies whose systems have failed. Consent will be sought to interview the personnel in charge of the data security systems. The interviews with the managers in the security department will be carried out to determine the vulnerable areas in the system.

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The managers will provide details of the data stored and the approaches used to secure it. The validation of the questionnaire will be conducted in three stages which are: pilot testing, testing and retesting. The accuracy of the data will be validated using cross-referencing and comparison of responses. Research Findings From the research it was found that employee negligence while recording the data accounted for 77% of data loss. The SMEs have knowledge of the need for securing data but most enterprises had no data protection policies in place10. The personnel in the data security department thus struggled to ensure that all data was secure. The system should thus put in place suitable measure for dealing with these threats. Bibliography References Anderson, Ian.

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