The Impact on Corporate and Information Governance of the EU GDPR on the Use and Analytics of Iot Sources of Data

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The policy will have impacts on the companies that operate using the data of the clients and how the usage of the data should be managed. The paper will discuss the GDPR process and the impacts it has on the companies. It would also mention the proposal by the government on the implementation of the regulations. Introduction and Impact The general data protection regulation is based on the existing UK Data Protection Act of 1998 despite the variations that exist in it; the adaption refers to the idea that the rules are an extension of the provision of the data protection act. The GDPR is an agreement on the legislative laws on how organizations in the United Kingdom would protect citizen’s data they have. It is aimed at increasing the concepts of data integrity, safety, and confidentiality aspects. These are important in ensuring that the data an organization has on private citizens is not breached or protect it from ending in the wrong person. Ensuring data privacy is a crucial concept of ensuring data safety and confidentiality. Data that has been exposed to other parties can result in loss of privacy in the owner of the data, and the data can be used to extort or merely embarrass the owner. The GDPR is aimed at ensuring that the organization already compliant with the Data Protection Directive 95/46/ec adopt the new policy of which failure to will attract penalties in the agencies and firms. A close look onto the objective of the data protection society reveals that the organization emphasizes the use of data protection and management policies aimed at ensuring the accessibility of such data and its privacy (ico.

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org. uk, 2017). Some of the objectives are 1. To provide the simplified summary of the data protection act to organizations, 2. To provide a portal for the access of data subjects to agencies or platforms that adhere and support the idea of data protection acts 3. To submit news and new information concerning the data protection agenda to organizations and other subjects and finally to ensure that other agencies and societies are supported to achieve the objectives. The new data protection regulations are to be applied to all members of the European Union who which to have consumer data and ensure its protection (Hornung, 2012). The idea of data protection is captured in the previous data protection act of 1998 but now has been adjusted to include more measures to ensure the safety and privacy of the data with an aim to provide it security and confidentiality.

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Impacts of The New Regulations (General Data Protection Regulations) The new management on data protection has significant implications on how to organizations, and business protects and handle data for their clients. It would require the agencies and organization to ensure that the data they collected is anonymized to ensure that it remains private and any breach of the data would still retain the user’s confidentiality. This is an increase on the data safety and confidentiality aspect (Nyrén, et al. Data needs to remain useful to all. However, the element that the data can be used to affect the confidence, or the subject negatively is avoided once the data is anonymized. The organization would be impacted on that they would have to invest mostly in methods to anonymize and store the data in safe location and formats that do not reveal the owner in any way.

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With the new regulations, the organization is supposed to ensure that they safeguard the transmission of data across these borders (Nyrén, et al. The safety of the data can be achieved through whichever means the company finds best. The main agenda of the regulations, however, are to ensure that the process chooses does not result in the breach or loss of the client’s confidentiality in the data or its content ending up in the wrong hands. The organization must invest in safety measures in data to achieve and adhere to these new regulations. Appointment of A Data Protection Office to Oversee the GDPR Process. This responsibly is to ensure that the people control the data and the use the data is meant for without receiving or compromising their privacy and confidentially.

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Based on this the government if it supported the new policy based on the idea of privacy and safety that would be achieved with the new data regulation laws. Governance Strategy Proposal The GDPR was agreed upon by the legislature in the European Union and is supposed to have been entirely adopted by organizations by May 2018 (Neuman & De Santis, 2017). The government has proposed and the implementation and adoption of these processes to take place in that time and the agencies that would fail to do so would receive legal ramifications. Companies that were using the initial Data protection act of 1998 are supposed to adjust their operation include the provisions of the new regulation in their adoption of the data protection processes. uk, 2017. Overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Online] Available at: https://ico.

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org. uk/for-organisations/data-protection-reform/overview-of-the-gdpr/ [Accessed 4 November 2017]. Nyrén, O. Stenbeck & M. and Grönberg, H. The European Parliament proposal for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation may severely restrict European epidemiological research. European journal of epidemiology, 29(4), pp.

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