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 The innovation consultant has bestowed the role of ensuring that every sector is advancing as long as well as lowering the production cost (Kotler et al, 2015). Qantas airline limited is a company that has been marked as the flag bearer in Australia air transport system. The objective of this report is to take the role of an innovation consultant in Qantas Airline Company and give a strategic analysis of ways to innovate the organization to increase the company’s profit margin. PESTEL Analysis Political factors Political factors play an important role in determining the factors that can influence the profitability of Qantas in certain markets or countries. Qantas operates in various countries worldwide and is exposed to different political risks and different political environment.

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Environmental factors Different countries across the world have different environmental standards and different norms which affect business operations. Qantas Airways limited operates across various countries in the world that these countries have different liability laws and environmental laws. Organizations should weigh the environmental standards before venturing to new markets. Environmental factors that affect business operations include climate change, weather, water and air pollution regulation in the transport sector, waste management in the transport sector, support and attitude for renewable energy and recycling (Forsyth, 2008). Legal factors The legal factors that affect business operations include discrimination law, employment law, data protection, safety and health law, copyright laws, consumer protection laws, patents and intellectual property laws (Kain et al, 2003). Qantas Airline staff use mobile devices such as tablets to have access to the customer profile to check the needs and expectations of the customers such as seat preferences, food, allergies and prior travel history.

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Qantas Airline limited is the leading Airline Company in terms of customer satisfaction. The company has been in a position of satisfying customer needs through a value proposition. The loyalty cards give the members a lot of benefits such as free delivery, discounts on foods and lounges and first-class flights. Qantas website services and products benefit serves as a smarter check-in for the company since it shows offers to customers that will help in meeting customer needs such as timeliness, user-friendliness and easy travel solutions. The company has over 3500 employees across 141 destinations in Africa, America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australia. The company operates locally and internationally. The main objective of the company is to provide transportation to customers in Australia and other countries across the world.

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 Qantas Airline is among the best innovative airline companies. The company introduced longer routes for flights that help the company remain innovative and competitive in the industry. The best customer experience that the customers encounter while using Qantas Airline Limited differentiates the company from its main competitors. Customers are talking about the best services and products offered by Qantas. This gives the company a better opportunity to go public in advertising its brands. The level of transparency that the company has with its employees, competitors, the media and customers is the main driving force as to why people are developing confidence towards Qantas brands (Roberts, 2018). SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Highly skilled staff. This will help the company in conducting speech analytics which allows the staff dealing with the customers to understand and analyze the interactions that they have with the customers.

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The software can be used in analyzing data in the social media platforms that can help the company in coming up with the best solutions for solving any problems. Big data analytics help the company in carrying out timely responses to the future and current customer demands. Proper use of big data analytics helps in reducing operational costs, increasing the profit margin, increasing competitive advantage and enhancing excellent customer service (Technologies, 2017) Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence can be used to increase customer satisfaction, improve operational productivity and avoiding costly mistakes. Qantas Airline Limited should develop Artificial intelligence-powered systems that can be used in improving the company’s operations. In Airline Deregulation(pp. Routledge. Oum, T. H. and Yu, C. , Gillberg, F. , Gummerus, J.

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