Innovation Management in Virgin Atlantic Case Study

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Virgin Atlantic has been in operation since 1984 and Craig Kreeger is at the helm as the chief executive officer. The company has developed over the years to become one of the most influential companies in the air transport industry. Evidently, innovation and creativity have taken center stage in the development of the organization. This paper sought to identify some of the key innovations incorporated in the company’s operations and development, examine the key drivers facilitating innovations in the company, and also analyze the connection between business performance improvement and the innovations noted in the company. Innovations in Virgin Atlantic A new aircraft composed from the beginning to make flying fun again and makes advancement noticeable all around, with energy for innovation.

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Because of the new satellite innovation, the company has stretched the limits once more in the locally available inaugural flight from San Francisco to Denver – a very expected administration interfacing 'Silicon Valley' to 'Silicon Mountain' (Niphadkar, 2017). The company has banded together with LinkedIn to meet an installed live-gushed dialog from 35,000 feet on the eventual fate of enterprise with Richard Branson, LinkedIn VP of Product Ryan Roslansky, and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (Virgin, 2018). This occasion likewise incorporated various business visionaries from the 'Virgin Media Accelerator, controlled by Techstars' program, a quickening agent propelled by the UK supplier of ultrafast broadband for purchasers and business to distinguish and bolster the most inventive and troublesome computerized new businesses from around the globe (Virgin, 2018). Additionally, the company has had a great deal of fun throughout the years with the Red™ inflight entertainment framework, which is accessible at each seatback, on each air ship (Virgin, 2018).

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Not at all like different carriers where one has to sit tight for the truck to descend the passageway to get their hands on a tidbit or mixed drink, Red is the main stimulation framework in the sky that gives one a chance to arrange what they need, at whatever point they need it all through the flight and have it conveyed straight to their seat (Yarnall, 2011). A robust work association helps to develop creative energy as well as stimulating persons to put forward their innovative ideas (Niphadkar, 2017). The administration and authority style at Virgin is delegative as to give chances to all representatives to develop in the territories of their advantage likewise by sharing proposals, thoughts, and their mastery (Maltby, 2015).

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The delegative style likewise had helped the administration/administrators in progression arranging in light of how individuals met the allocated duties. The confirmation for the assignment is the quantity of activities that Richard had given over to gifted individuals that he had pictured. This is the way Richard built up the administrators alongside the specialist of going out on a limb i. Clearly there is still some paper work done in various companies. However, Virgin Atlantic, through Peter Smart, overhauled the technology in the wake of racking 14 flights in two months. Furnished with a dream, Smart has made another look ticket that doesn't simply make life less demanding; however it fits in the travel permit as well (Maltby, 2015). He has guaranteed it incorporates all data on current passes, utilizes similar measurements and is printed utilizing just dark ink to utilize existing ticket printers and not build cost ramifications of printing.

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It's yet to be utilized via carriers yet anticipate that his plan will be jumped upon soon (Martin-Domingo & Martín, 2016). Wearable innovation Virgin Atlantic has increased the innovation effort by presenting Google Glass in a drive to fuel the fate of air travel. Virgin Atlantic travellers were the primary air explorers to encounter the advantages of Google Glass, one of the pioneers in wearable innovation, improving the experiences of the customers (Lee & Mo, 2011). With client encounter a best need, Virgin Atlantic were quick to demonstrate their responsibility regarding giving a customized involvement. Customers are more interested in experiencing these innovations more and more (Martin-Domingo & Martín, 2016). Conclusion In conclusion, Virgin Atlantic has grown tremendously through innovation. References Notis, I.  Virgin Atlantic Airways: A look inside the airline’s green initiatives (Master's thesis).

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