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The expansion plan has been received positively since we have managed to attract a number of clients within a month. However, the main target is to retain the customers and attract more. In store promotions are defined as the marketing strategies created to attract new customers and familiarize them with the products available at the store. These promotions are delivered in different methods like offering discounts to all the clients that show up or additional products. Randy’s coffee shop deals with coffee, tea and other beverages. The first online in store strategy we would use is advertising our shop at every social media site. Social media marketing in the current world is the best strategy since almost everyone is in a specific site, this means that teenagers, students and office workers can access our advertisements.

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The advertisement will contain our newest location and the offers we will be offering to every client. In order to increase our sales the first thing we will do is create an offer to the new clients who will show up for the first time in a period of two months. This will encourage clients to come and buy our coffee since their focus will be on the promotions we will be offering. Most people love free things. However deciding whether to commit their loyalty to the organization depends on the service and quality of products offered. The first thing we will do is set up booths in public places. Randy’s is located in the middle of the city where most government offices, social amenities and campuses are located.

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This gives us access to many people. Our packaging papers and containers have all the information a person needs to access or website, this means that a serious client takes their time to go through our website and see what we offer. Our news letters are released on weekly basis. In order to access them a person requires to subscribe to them. Developing a promotional feature where a person will receive discount or extra cup of their favorite cup of coffee for the two weekends will increase the number of clients. Sharing information about our website and newsletter subscriptions will also earn the clients more points or receive more promotions. Developing a mobile application is also among the best in store promotion strategies.

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This will be the most considered promotion strategy since everyone has embraced technology. Old people at home can also access and use our application without any trouble. As mentioned earlier our shop is located within the central business district where students and other workers can access it easily. However, their breaks and working hours may differ due to the tight schedules. This experience and the quality of beverages we will offer will keep them coming for more. Within a short while we will be the best selling coffee shop. This will have helped us achieve our goal and retained the already existing clients. The budget for in store promotions will be planned according to the target number of clients. Our progress and turn out of clients will help us determine the next move to make.

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