Internal Communication Challenges in a Modern Workplace

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At many times senior managers make the assumption that the information they disseminate is accurately received and well understood by their employees. This is not usually the case with a largely millennial workforce. Another factor is diversity. With the nature of any organization’s workforce being quite multigenerational, employees all have different experiences and expectations as well as their values. This is a key point to note whenever employers are sending out new information to their employees. 6 Language and Geographical Barriers 6 2. 7 Lack of Respect 6 2. 8 An Overload of Irrelevant Information 7 2. 9 Communicate Internal and External News 7 3. 0 Conclusion 7 4. According to Deal & Levenson (2015), if the information is passed and moves only in one direction, it rapidly becomes ineffective. And indeed, employees ought to be able to engage with their peers and superiors in a timely manner so as to foster sharing of innovations and ideas.

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Feedback is quite important to many levels. It shows how well the message is received, determines if the employees have taken it into account and whether they collaborated with their co-workers and managers. It also shows how well employees can manage pressure and stress. Being aloof creates a social hierarchy and barriers within the organization that discourages an effective and open communication. Ideally, this lack of general communication creates a challenge in the organization. 4 Device Chaos Device chaos is a situation caused by the availability of many different devices in the workplace. Gone are the days when people only used computers at workplaces, nowadays we have tabs, laptops, phones, telephones, and many others. Therefore, when information gets delivered to the employees, it confuses due to the device chaos and some people may end up not getting it (Deal & Levenson, 2015).

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Employees should learn the importance of what needs to be shared, when and where it is going and to filter it accordingly and what does not need to be. 9 Communicate Internal and External News Employees need to feel fully engaged in all the company activities and to identify with their organization (Dolphin, 2007). It is important that the organization be the main source of all company-related information. Your employees should hear market-related and economic related news from you first before they hear it from anywhere else. 0 Conclusion Internal communication affects employee engagement and can significantly boost business performance. Acting on it results in adjusting our approaches to improve our perspective of things in the workplace. The best way for sending and receiving feedback will be through a simple platform that is easy to use.

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As the emergence of new communication technologies continues and the workforce demographics keep shifting, organizations will be greatly challenged to utilize a platform that seeks to boost the employee experience, promote the organization’s brand and can be used practically all through. There are several steps that an organization can take in order to minimize the strain caused on employees due to email overload. For instance, aggregating mass emails into one format such as an electronic newsletter, using visual communication tools like the screensaver to pass information that may not be urgent but still vital for employee awareness, research the target employee audience and categorize them by interests and needs then incorporate communication tools that allow focusing on specific employee categories (Deal & Levenson, 2015).

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