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Class of Products to be Marketed The healthcare market is a considerably competitive but profitable market. Considering that the company deals with the provision of health care services, the services to be marketed include healthcare and surgery treatments. Country or region where the products will be marketed The United Arab Emirates is the choice destination for the company because of the vibrant healthcare industry in the country. The Emirates boast of superior healthcare services in the context of both private and public institutions. The country also has up-to-date infrastructural facilities and Freezones which are specialized for foreign investment in different sectors of their economy including the booming healthcare industry. It is essential to consider that the local pool of potential employees that the company can recruit from consists of a significant percentage of foreign workers.

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This implies that the success of the company in communicating with its clients and creating reliable customer relationships is highly dependent on government-backed. A significant number of healthcare workers in the country are sourced from varying antional backgrounds and thus an integrationn system regarding teaching them the local languages and culture is needed (ALKRAIJI et al. The company would also e heavily reliant on the ability of medical training institutions in the UAE to guarantee that medical graduates have a high proficiency in English to allow for cohesion and effective communication between foreign and local nurses. Moreover,healthcare organizations venturing in the United Arab Emirates also face the challenge of having to operate within a cultural context that differs widely from the culture of their native countries (El Amouri & O’Neill, 2014).

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An example of this phenomenon is the fact that autonomy for Saudi patients includes relations beyond the nuclear family unit. One of the impacts of this extremely close relationship between the patient and his or her family is that healthcare professionals who exist outside the cocoon of family relations tend to be distrusted and to be viewed with suspicion (Al-Krenawi et al. The end result is that healthcare organizations operating in the UAE have to deal with reserved patients who would rather let their verbally aggressive relatives do the talking. The burden of providing care in a relatively hostile environment has been shown to take a heavy toll on healthcare professionals in this region who are continuously exposed to negative emotions such as anger,stress and shame.

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Moreover,healthcare organizations operating in the UAE face the challenge of adjusting to a different type of body language (Chant et al. Also, women in the UAE hardly have a say in their management compared to their male counterparts and would normally be accompanied by male relatives who would hardly allow foreign healthcare workers to touch their women thus making it hard for expatriate workers to conduct routine bodily inspections. Classes of Trade Restrictions That May Be Involved Both tariff and non-tariff barriers will be involved in this scenario. Some of the trade restrictions involved when doing business in this target market especially in the context of international companies seeking to invest in the local market include the fact that to operate beyond the borders of a free zone, a foreign company is required to have a United Arab Emirates national distributor, agent or sponsor.

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This tariff barrier means that the identified distributor or sponsor is then allowed exclusive rights for products not pertaining to food and this involves the provision of healthcare industries. It is important to note that the termination of a distributor who is essentially a poor performer is,according to recent amendments to the Commercial Agency Law, extremely difficult. Also, the growing menace form terror groups like ISIS which has networks all over the Middle East poses a threat to the security of American companies and employees working in the region. Also, falling oil prices have led to tighter fiscal policies in the UAE. Also, foreign companies have to deal with fluctuating tax and regulatory conditions and bureaucratic stumbling blocks including currency risks and payment obligations.

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Nonetheless, the UAE escaped the Arab uprising that destabilized many countries in the Arab world and has shown significant improvements in terms of security and its economy. The per capita income of the county is among the highest in the world. S. , & Jones, L. K. Quantitative exploration of the barriers and facilitators to nurse-patient communication in Saudi Arabia.  Journal of Hospital Administration, 6(1), 16. , Graham, J. R. , Dean, Y. Z. , & Eltaiba, N. Communication skills training in healthcare: a review of the literature.  Nurse Education Today, 22(3), 189-202. El Amouri, S. , & O’Neill, S. Leadership style and culturally competent care: Nurse leaders’ views of their practice in the multicultural care settings of the United Arab Emirates. , & Mareno, N. Cultural challenges and barriers through the voices of nurses.

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