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Accounting is a vital aspect of the prosperity of any company. It involves the identification, analysis, measurement, and communication of the financial data. As companies penetrated newer markets under different geographical locations, there was the need for a universal way of handling accounts. After extensive consultations, the International Accounting Standards came up with a global approach to the preparation of financial reports (IFRS). It provides guidelines for on how the companies are supposed to handle their financial transactions. The Securities and Exchange Commission has been on the front line in ensuring that the accounting procedures resemble the IFRS provisions. The international standards have been incorporated more in the United States than the Czech Republic. Under profit and Loss accounts, United States regulations do not provide for the reporting of extraordinary revenues and expenses while in the other nation they are included.

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The ministry of finance is in charge of Czech is responsible for providing directions concerning financial reporting. However, it has failed in its goal of making its national standards to the international one. Economic Considerations in Czech and United States A subsidiary kind of relationship is developed after one company has a controlling power regarding shares over the other (Gluzova, 2016, p. A single firm is capable of having multiple subsidiaries across the borders. ABC plc. has demonstrated it due to its branches in the United States and Czech Republic. Some economic factors can articulate such a move. In the case of any failures, ABC plc. would sell the non-profitable subsidiary without affecting its operations. It is because the assets are separated from the main offices in the United Kingdom.

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The creditors are only linked to the subsidiaries after signing their contracts. Additionally, having subsidiaries would enable the company to decide which sections of the business can be private or public. ABC plc. can utilize such features to achieve its maximum potential. The management can be able to collect and process the essential data from its headquarters and the subsidiaries. Such tools would fasten and increase the efficiency of such processes. Auditing is a vital aspect of an organizational context. The available applications aids in reducing the rate of employment. Thus, saving the amount that would have been paid for labor. ABC plc. Can utilize the cloud computing aspect to quickly reach out to all their systems in all the locations.

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