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Despite the immense economic growth, some crooks are exploiting the internet for their own gain. They regard internet as a tool that should help them wage wars, conduct terrorism, and perpetrate crimes in general. Web crime involves online crime versions that have been practiced for long in the physical perspective, such as stalking and theft. There are other new crimes, when one commandeers a computer to launch an attack on another (hermesauto, 2017). Law enforcement agencies are finding it rough to combat most online crimes. The issue of jurisdiction is a hard-hitting one. The agencies find it rough to apply regulations enacted long before the internet was dimmed prone to online criminal acts. Some crimes are punishable the court of law (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2015). Example is the identity theft; obtaining someone else’ information in a dubious manner. Fraudulent ways or deception is used to obtain data. To get valuable information, criminals use the calling cards, social security numbers and credit cards. One can avoid such crimes by monitoring their credit information regularly. This minimizes the incidents of identity theft. To be alerted on the information viewed as suspicious, subscriptions to the services that monitor the credit information are recommended. After theft has taken place, financial institutions should be alerted to cancel those cards. Prior to filling out any personal information, be sure to confirm security of all the sites accessed. Cybercrime is a major online crime. A computer was recently hacked in Texas. It was infected such that it began to send emails to the owner’s contacts (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2015).

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Money then started disappearing from her account. Criminals attempt to use the information they obtain to make money. While remaining invisible to the user, they may sell the information to big scammers. People should take note of the internet sources they are using as these acts are quite malicious. They should be careful not to open all mails they come across or use the information they get there. A good form of identity theft is phishing (hermesauto, 2017). Users receive emails purportedly from major organizations threatening termination of their accounts if they fail to update their financial information in the provided links. Mimicking the HTML code can easily make bogus websites mimic legitimate organization sites. The criminals count on the email read by people who have legitimately listed credit card numbers to spam large multitudes.

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There is dramatic rise of phishing scam cases and their sophistication. In 2016, economic losses in the US amounted $1 billion approximately, as pointed out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2015. Rand, 2013 cautions people against clicking on any link to a merchant. One can type in the URL themselves in a new window. They can use the number listed in the phone book to call the institution when in doubt. Avoid using the contacts provided in the link or email. For those messages requesting personal information, decline the invitation to fill out forms. From its inception, internet is designed such that it still operates while under attack. However, it’s possible to slow down a main transaction processing center’s operation through a sustained effort by a rogue state or a well-funded terrorist group.

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The possible loss that may occur from this kind of attack rises with the move to the internet by business communications traffic. Authorities must always be notified of such crimes as terrorism. Unveiling of mysterious deeds requires investigation into huge and unusual transactions. He shrugs off the message as a hoax as he’s less convinced the threat had any teeth. Customers become agitated and tie up all phone lines in an attempt to get through. That’s when he realizes the magnitude of this threat. Law enforcement officers could just suspect that these criminals were probably in Asia, based on other cases they had witnessed. It was however difficult to build a case because Mike’s company had no immediate gathered evidence. Legislation The criminals can easily avoid detection and prosecution from law enforcement in developing countries as their laws are effortlessly exploitable (Truman, Jennifer L.

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and Michael R. Rand. Some countries have no existent laws against cybercrime while others are weak. Cybercriminals take advantage of these weak laws to attack from international borders and still be invisible. it is necessary to use such clever tricks if cybercriminals were to be caught. Weak legislations make otherwise impossible. People are advised to be certain of whom they are dealing with when doing any transactions online. Fraudsters are everywhere out there. Their deals are always enticing, such as lotteries, investment opportunities, business opportunities, making money, jobs, and many more. Federal Bureau of Investigation. National Data. Crime in the United States, 2014. Washington. D. Truman, Jennifer L. and Michael R. Rand. Criminal Victimization, 2012. Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin.

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