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Even if there are differences regarding race, age, religion, and much others, diversity does promote teamwork, acceptance, and respect. Thus, it is salient to indicate that many benefits are brought by having a diverse workforce. In an organization that has a diverse workforce, it results in having a process and product innovation. When an organization puts together people of diverse backgrounds to have different minds working together, the results are always monumental. Race and Ethnicity at the Workplace At the workplace, some divisions are caused by the divisions between genders, races, and ethnicities. It stipulates that no person that should be denied any chance because of their place of birth, culture ancestry, birthplace, accent, and many other factors. In the current workplace setup, many organizations are laying a greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion initiatives so that they strengthen organizational adaptability.

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This will make them gain a competitive advantage, and it will make them be able to reduce the legal risks. Despite these milestones, many of these organizations are still being crippled with racial and ethnic discrimination and policymaking (Joshi et al, 2015). Benefits of Racial and Ethnic Diversity at the Workplace Many organizations increasingly are understanding the high value that is associated with retaining and recruiting diverse workers. Implicit bias it is also known as hidden bias which are the negative associations that individuals unknowingly hold. They are generally expressed in such a manner that is automatic without expressions of conscious awareness (Syed & Ozbilgin, 2015). Organizational Responsibilities The employers and the employees have responsibilities in instances of endorsing or monitoring racial and ethical diversity at the workplace (Wrench, 2016).

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All these stakeholders have to work in cahoots so that they ensure the success of racial diversity initiatives (Wrench, 2016). Employers in their way should act in a manner that will show that they are facilitators and they strive to improve relations subsisting among their varied workforce (Wrench, 2016). They need to come up with an organized approach that pertains assuaging the feelings of uncertainty relating the future of their company by effectively communicating all the new policies that are aimed that employees that belong to a specific ethnic and racial group. The company should always be at the forefront of communicating realistic expectations to all the employees from the marginal groups on the new guidelines to warrant that they understand the scope and goals of this initiative (Wrench, 2016).

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Organizations should ensure that they communicate all the new and ethnic policies by creating messages that are consistent with all the hierarchical levels through the existing channels of communication. The messages that are so communicated should be able to billet the different dialects and the savvy levels of all the workers to warrant that everyone well understands them. In thriving in the present diverse times, organizations should be able to lead the way in inclusion by being able to create workplaces that are able to promote and celebrate racial and ethnic diversity. References Jaeger, P. T. , Cooke, N. A. , Feltis, C. Gender research in AMJ: an overview of five decades of empirical research and calls to action: thematic issue on gender in management research.

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