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The wealthy Koreans are generally seen eating, singing and partying in a faithful facsimile of their native county. There are also the Latinos and blacks though their numbers are not many across the streets nevertheless they are seen working in thousands of the local businesses. During the night, the town is marked by a buzz of activities with people seen in nightclubs an there is the K-town where there are masses that are dressed in scanty attire demonstrating that they are from partying and merry-making activities. Across the streets, during the night there are karaoke dances and the Wiltern being conducted by different people trying to get a meal on their tables. Thus Korean town is no similar than the others in the United States though at this place they are different due to their activities being influenced by their strong traditions (Lee, Stephen, 27).

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There is also the councilwoman. It is made of the following districts 48, 22 and 26 that are represented in the United States Congress by districts 31 and 33 (Lie, John, and Abelmann, 13). In the city, there are many subways that accentuate the accessibility to this city. There are composed of the red line stations, purple line stations that make a person’s movement to Wilshire, Vermont, and Beverly to be a snap during the day. However, there are streets and subways that usually close during the night to give way for vehicles; similarly, those streets are generally deserted by many walking residents as they are earmarked by thugs and police running battles thus giving this city a gritty reputation. They can be seen to be like they are obsessed with branding their clothing and their merchandises.

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The Koreans in this town are well trained and well trained in martial arts like the Tae Kwon Do. Across the city streets, a nonresident is capable of mistaking the business district that is along the Wilshire Boulevard as it is marked by a lot of day time foot traffic than parts of downtown banking district. The large numbers of the Koreans in this city started migrating into the city during the 1960s. This is after the initial wealthy commercial is started losing its allure. In the town, there is no area that is far from the driving range and most of the banks in this region outnumber the American banks. The ambassador hotel is the greatest landmark of the Korea town though in the year 2006 it blasted into oblivion.

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In terms of the Los Angeles music venue hierarchy, the Welter theatre is the major landmark to this day though it was built in the early 1930s. This historical site is a 12-story green building that is most identifiable by many of its art deco buildings that line the Wilshire Boulevard. This structure was renovated in the late 1980s and currently, it is one of the remarkable art deco building in the Korea town. in the Korean town, there are also the buildings that give the social and nightlife and the well-known building is the one that is located on the 8th street known as the R bar. Across the city there are also many developments that are being erected in the neighbored increasing the glamour of the Korea town, thus it is a remarkable town to visit.

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