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The business options give one knowledge about Economic trade, Entrepreneurship, Business Projects, Global Leadership, Marketing Communication, and Strategic Management among others. Therefore, as one progress, he or she can train to be solicitors, and it also gives one a chance to move to another career that is not related to the legal sector. Those lawyers with the can benefit much from understanding how organizations manage their activities and structures. At the same time, the business world also understands all about the law. Business law also gives one an opportunity to other business practices. Consequently, they need to adopt new terms on how they will restructure their demands to create more clients which will result in their constant supply of clients. Without new skills and knowledge, they will struggle to survive in the evolving world which leads to the collapse of the business models.

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This means they will new strategy which involves high levels of merging or a decrease in the practices. Regarding the economic pressure also, most of the solicitors do not know when to compete in the broader market segment. Therefore, they find themselves not catering for many types of clients making their practices decrease. This makes most of the clients to want to do most of the jobs by themselves without the need of seeking a solicitor. This is a challenge to the way they do their businesses because they have to improve their communication skills to be able to find potential clients at a practical cost. With the evolving globalization and technology, the ethical values have also changed over time that means that they require new mechanisms for their profession.

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The law society had to introduce new regulations that will have significant influence in the law society which in one way or the other affects the solicitors. Broader legal market trends and issues Most of the law firms lack the cash to operate their firms; this is why most of them end up failing. Firms should, therefore, embrace the new practices that evolve due to the rise of globalization and the emergence of the new business models (Allen, William, and Reinier, np). They also need to adjust so that they can match up their client’s level of education as most of the clients are more educated. This means they need to standardize their services and adapt to the new roles and utilizing the technology services comprehensively.

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