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They have opened my eyes and allowed me to understand the importance of working together to ensure the forward movement of any venture. I have learnt that true leadership is about building the people around you by focusing on their strengths and finding a way to motivate them to work harder. First Break All the Rules, gave me important insights on how best to handle employees and keep talented individuals in the company and making sure the talent is nurtured and utilized (Buckingham). It gave me a chance to have introspective moment where I gauged my level of unconventional leadership. Transformational Leader: The Key to Global Competitiveness by Joel Tichy and Mary Anne Devanna on the other hand has provided a real life insight of leadership through the stories on organizations and different styles and philosophies embraced by its leaders.

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Therefore as a leader it is imperative I provide a conducive environment for growth (Buckingham). Do I have the opportunity to do my best at work? 4. In the past week, have I received recognition or praise at work? 5. Does my supervisor or someone at work care about me as a person? 6. Is there someone at work who encourages my development? The above questions were in the Camp 1 stage whereby one analysis the individual in terms effective roleplay and the investment the organization puts on one. Most of the questions I answered had positive responses therefore it is safe to say that my work is fulfilling. The questions are concise and they provide a logical angle to view leadership and employee relations.

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In answering the twelve questions I realized that I did not have much time to consider the opinions of all the workers due the time factor. I understand that this could make them feel like they did not belong and I hoping to rectify this by holding forums from time to time to allow them to table their opinion (Buckingham). As a leader I realized that balance is important and this twelve questions have highlighted the points that I need to balance in order to improve my leadership skills. Leadership Development Plan Elements of the LDP 1. Promote a culture of communication Communication is a vital part of any relationship and lack of it may lead to many avoidable problems. It is therefore important to build a culture of communication among the employees and the leaders.

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Communication translates to productivity since it provides an environment whereby everyone is comfortable being themselves and expressing their opinions. Communications makes workers feel needed and it gives them a sense of belonging since they are valued. Before I begin this process I will put together a sample of questions will help me gauge the progress of the process I will undertake. The questions will act as a metrics that will decide whether or not there is progress. Initiate Change Change as it has always been regarded is one of the most permanent of things and I believe every successful leader should embrace it. Change brings with it new ideas and new insights that build any organization and the ability of a leader to know when and how to introduce it is important.

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It is the responsibility of the leader to initiate the desired change in his employee or work at the most opportune time. I will carry myself with confidence always assuming an upright posture. I believe that in improving my self-image I will be setting an example for my colleagues and employees to change. The type of leadership whereby one sets a trait he or she wants you to see in others is called strategic leadership and it requires developing a self-image. Courage is an important aspect when it comes to maintaining self-image and as a leader I understand it will be difficult in the beginning but I will persevere. Creating a self-image is a continuous process and it will take a long time.

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I while use questioners to subtly rate how the employees view as an individual and my interactions with them. Schedule of When to Re-visit the Plan I plan to carry out an assessment of my Leadership Development Plan from time to time to ensure that I am on track. I will note down all the achievements I have reached on a monthly basis as well as the setbacks. Every three months I will compile all of them and come up with a quarterly report that will allow me to gauge where or not I am moving forward. I will also have an accountability partner who will correct me when I digress from the path I have chosen. , and Mary A. Devanna.

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