Lets Get Rid of the Kardashians

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The most known Kardashian would be Kim, she got famous when her sex tape was leaked out to the world. She's a very curvy woman that likes to show her body off. Kim is known for her unrealistic bubble shape but, In East and Elegy it says “Kim is clearly the brains behind the family racket, turned a third-rate sex tape with a fourth-rate rapper (the woebegone Ray J) into internatio” (par. She seems to enjoy herself being exposed in her bras and swimsuits. There was this onetime when she was on vacation, the Popparaze took unflattering photos of her that showed nature cellulite on her thighs. Another person who has been on the spotlight for changing her body is Kylie Jenner.

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The young Kylie Jenner is mostly known for her makeup line and body image like Kims. They both have got butt implants and wear waist trainers. The tight fabric is dangerous because they put pressure against your lungs and pushes your intestines together. Young teenagers love makeup and Kylie is their major role model. Kourtney is basically encouraging eating disorders and the annual rates are on the increasing trend. Khloe Kardashian has had the most body change over the years; she used to be heavy bodied before she was asked to lose some weight by the show. It's wrong for social media to make someone change who or how they are. Khloe used waist trainers and extreme diets to change her size.

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Her butt is quite big and the components are known by her, no one knows if it’s fake or surgery. Since most guys agree on how they think woman’s’ bodies should look like, the Kardashians being skinny with big assets to show off, impresses them in ways that blocks their reasoning valves to the point that they are now advocating for the plastic surgeries and butt implants because to them butt assets is important than the hurts or health on the person involved. They perceive it as a normal act and they fail to think of the future problems and complications that are associated with it. The Kardashians are mostly whom they are not and just by having plastic surgery to change their looks and bodies, they are actually praising low self-esteem.

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