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Ideally, the novel starts from the setting of the nuclear war where the group of boys unluckily found themselves without any source of help or guidance from an elderly person. The group comprises of two categories of boys; ‘littluns’ which encompass of boys around the age of six and ‘biguns’ within the age between ten and twelve “Ralph dived into the pool. A couple of littluns were playing at the edge, trying to extract comfort from wetness warmer than blood,” (Golding 114). At the onset, the boys were of the perception of forming their previous culture and to achieve this, they had to have a structured system with their leader who happened to be Ralph through the advice and support of Piggy. To effectively portray the turning of events throughout the story, this article focuses to analyze the main character and the leader of the group, Ralph. The author William Golding gives Ralph the most outstanding qualities amongst the boys. William depicts Ralph as a charismatic leader, a sign of order representation and a symbol of civilization. Although he is at the same age with the rest of the other boys, the author depicts him as a mature minded compared to the reset since at the onset of the play, the boys concentrate on play, having fun and avoiding any kind of work that would strain them. On the contrary, Ralph shows the highest level of concern and maturity to the extent thinks of building a hurt and exhausting all the possible avenues of their rescue.

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At this point, the powers of influence over the rest of the boys fully rest on Ralph. And another thing. We ought to have more rules. Where the conch is, that's a meeting, the same up here as down there,” (Golding 33). He is able to effectively scrutinize the intellectual capability of his peers and through this; he synthesizes and emulates Piggy’s intellectualism so as to dispel the false fear and superstitions that would act as a barrio to their rescue and this portrays Ralph as a diplomat leader. Being the only elected leader of the group from the onset of the novel is a demonstration of Ralph’s quality of leadership. However, upon attending Jack's feast, he is deeply rooted in the frenzy dance and also took place in the killing of Simon.

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Just like the rest of the mankind, the initial knowledge of evil that came upon Ralph was tragic and put him to despair within some period. Moreover, his knowledge equally gave him the platform of casting down the Lords of Files towards the end of the novel. His story comes to an end half tragic despite being rescued and getting back to the paths of civilization and upon setting his eyes on the naval office, he bitterly wept since he already knew the about the capacity of mankind for evil. Ralph's romantic attitude towards the much-awaited adventure on the island began when he was still a schoolboy. Ralph’s sensitization comes practically at the time he came to terms with the challenges of life contrary to how he anticipated it at the onset.

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Despite hardship and fear of the uncivilized life and constantly being swayed by the savagery of the other boys, he is the only one in the group who regarded the death of Simon as murder and he had realistic unvarnished regard to his involvement. He had a mixed reaction on witnessing the death and he eventually realized that he was an outcast due to the fact that he was of civilized as opposed to the norm amongst the group. When Ralph eventually come into contact with the officer at the beach when the book comes to the end, he does not feel the sense of being relieved from the horrific deaths he escaped, he focuses majorly on his pathetic appearance, a confirmation that civilization took the better ordeal of him. However, as a result of him being innocent, he has got the better understanding of the nature of humankind character and one thing that was not in his mind was the fact that evil is universal to all people and to get away one must display a constant resistance.

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