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The company also has a set of hardware products, and this is inclusive of the iPhone tablet computer, iPhone phones, together with a range of Mac computers and portable media players. Apple is a public company, and it is ideally the world's largest information technology organization, and this is based on the type of revenue it operates on, further from that the company is the second-largest mobile phone producer, and it comes firmly after Samsung which comes first. Industry Type Apple Computer Inc. operates in number industries, and this is based on the type of services it provides to its consumers, the industries include; computer hardware, semiconductors, computer software, consumer electronics, corporate venture capital, digital distribution and fabless silicon design. In 2015 the company became the first American based organization with a value of over $700 billion (Kao 27).

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Management accounting is one organizational aspect that provides information which assists with the strategic management function of the organization and its managers. It is this function that defines the long term goals and the main objectives of the firm and further from that it provides the proper framework for authorization, and this is in order to define the future shape of the organization. Organizational Structure The organizational structure that Apple operates with is one of the contributing factors to the organization’s successful innovation. The firm’s organizational structure has the capabilities of creating the right opportunities for purposes of business growth. This can however impose limits on how the organization operates (Roberts 23). has incorporated social responsibility as part of its plan and policies; this ensures that their stakeholders are fully satisfied with regards to the activities of the company.

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Social responsibility for one influences the business into being more involved in matters that concern both the safety and security of the environment, and this is part of the strategy of the company, this further ensures the business into making qualified plans for both the social and the environmental welfare (Pearce, & Robinson 53). The Corporate social responsibility in Apple includes components such as protecting the equity of the brand, legal licenses, managing risks, utilizing the resources correctly and following all the required government policies and rules. Part of this also includes maintaining excellent relationships with the business partners, host communities and even the company's investors. Corporate social responsibility in another sense also helps regarding taking new opportunities and taking up innovation technology.

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Stakeholders are the people who are in one way or the other directly or indirectly related to the activities of the company. These individuals have a managing impact in terms managing the business strategy of the organization. Apple for one is a leading technology business, and as such, it deals with quite some products. The impact of the stakeholders, in this case, is highly related to the social responsibility of the company. The effect that the stakeholders issue out about the social responsibility puts into perspective issues such as: The company's employees and this defines the human resources available in the organization who provide their contribution to both the development and the growth of the company. It is therefore vital for the company to focus on the social responsibility of its software developers, and what this does is that there is the complete maximization of both their loyalty and satisfaction to the organization.

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Apple needs to also focus on the social responsibility towards the suppliers, and this is based on the fact that they need high-quality products in making their devices. This forms the need for ensuring better relationships with their suppliers. With the situation at Apple, the primary issues come with both labor and human rights as the issues they face about maintaining the bonds they hold with their suppliers. For this basis so is the need for the company to adapting to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, and this helps in the sense that it helps in maintaining better relationships with the suppliers, and for this reason, they can involve the suppliers in the business, and this comes with providing the Apple market share.

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Regarding the variable pay, in this case, it is increasingly dependent on the aspect that high performers in the company are highly rewarded. The benefits that come with this depends on the individual performance and the number of years that an employee has served the company. The different training and development strategies include training for the business-driven needs, general awareness and the efficiency of the program at Apple. The appraisal style used by Apple regarding the performance measures consists of a proper 360-degree assessment, peer assessment and also an annual performance review. Recommendations and Conclusion With regards to the competitiveness of the world today, the aspect of delivering increasing sales, high performance and profitability is not enough to the organization. Kao, Rich.

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