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Planning Question One Strategic planning is an essential component that guides the execution of well thought out mechanisms which influence the organizational decisions in advancing a growth trajectory irrespective of a challenging business environment. Based on the narrative from the scenario provided in Dexter and Andrews, the DnA is in other businesses such as food and beverage businesses hence it is not right to say that DnA is in the grocery business. The DnA seem to have differentiated its products in the market for purposes of attracting customers to a wide variety of offers and selection under its stores. Question two Strategic management takes cognizance of the external and internal business pressures such as competitive pressure to formulate solutions by applying different methodologies that offer a comparative advantage in the market.

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Based on the description of the company, the DnA seem to enjoy a cost leadership advantage over the competitors because it offers its quality products at a relatively lower price compared to competitors. The choice of a 4 pl should be informed by the desire to ensure the organization does not fail in the quest of creating a seamless system of business progression without compromising on quality for their clientele. The recognition of the need to put out an elaborate costing schedule will make it possible for the organization to effectively grow their presence across market segments. Section II. Organization Question six Organization is a principal model that adds value to an entity which seeks to gain substantively across several markets. DnA uses centralization because according to the description of the company, it supplies all its stores from one central distribution warehouse.

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