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The organization is obligated to acquire computer software and hardware to aid the new agent to accomplish their roles to meet stable company and client standards. The paper will describe a questionnaire that will be utilized to collect information from clients to acquire software and hardware requirements that will be applicable. Moreover, it will discuss the fabricated requirements and specifications using a request for proposal. Finally, it will define the time frame for task and activities to finish the project successfully. Part one: Need Identification and Specification 1. Will the system be able to create reports where applicable and support real-time monitoring? 12. What is the scope features essential in conjunction with database access, system access, feature access and does the security features necessitates write and read access? The questions demarcated above will be used to regulate several aspects of the functions that will be proficient by the new system.

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Some of the questions focus on software components such as word processing, database support and multimedia data recording and processing. The question also interrogates the security features for software and hardware as well as a network system. The new system should bargain several levels of access, processing of data and data backup that will be effective. The online system must comprise security features such as prevention and intrusion detection system. The hardware system must support data analytics, sufficient security features, high-speed internet access, vibrant peripheral devices and information storage. The vendor is delegated to provide training services for workers to impart them on the knowledge and skills which will empower them excellently use the proposed technology. The vendor will also offer technical provision during the setting up and necessary documentation that will be used as procedures during maintenance.

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The vendor is delegated to obtain full information from the business organization about their requirements and specifications. Scope of work Waters Inc is angling for a vendor who possess the aptitude and products that will encounter the new customer services system prerequisite for the subsequent ten years and more. This RFP exploits the intent of obtaining new customer service system that will purpose as off stand-alone shelf system that supports finest business practices. The system will also sustenance adaptation of imminent requirements and lawful demands short of the business organization’s admittance through a central database. The Waters Inc. wishes to contract one vendor for support, hardware, support services and installation. • The background of the business organization- this segment contains information such as lists of products and services offered by the vendor, firm information, the work breakdown structure and the number of staffs.

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• List of the figure of employees in criteria of their parts. • System development, implementation, support, testing and networking. • Client references- the vendor company must offer at least ten business organizations presently using the system they want to install for Water Inc. • Implementation- this segment of RFP response indicates information related with the execution process. The selection of the right vendor, completing the legal procedures and communications of the results related to the event will take another one more month. The acquisition of software and hardware related to a new customer service system will occur during the fourth month. The installation will also take place in one-month time. The configuration activities will be carried out for one more month, in the same process, the network features will be also be installed.

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