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The company's policies, procedures, and regulations the company deploys in its effort to achieve set goals and objectives are instrumental. The evaluation and assessment of the company, Apple Inc. to ascertain that the policies and operational guidelines are in line with the firm's strategic decisions is a vital step towards determining its probability of success in the industry. Apple Inc. , for instance, illuminates a mixed outcome from the senior executive management decisions in the recent past as the research endeavors to reveal here. The Macintosh, introduced in the 1980s, was a success and the company achieved significant developments. The Macintosh machine success is attributed as the cause of the company's achievements and growth over the years. The management of the company has gone through rough moments in the course of realizing the goals and success that represent the present brand image and reputation of Apple Incorporation.

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For instance, there was a period when management had a fall out with the founder of the company Steve Jobs, forcing the founder and owner to leave the company, based on strategic decisions differences. However, the comeback of the founder brought light to the firm and resulted in tremendous growth in value and size of the company. For instance, the company's improvement in the iOS software systems and OX operational systems accounts for the success and growth of the global market. The various factors in the company's environment contribute to the decline in the company's profits despite the statistics illuminating an increase in the Apple Inc. revenue over the years. The company has generated growth in the revenue over the recent years due to the sales from services such as iPhones, software systems, and digital music.

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The operational expenses are also growing over due to the increase in costs such as advertisements, promotional awareness, and product from competitors in the market, legal fees, and government taxes and regulation costs. The company’s core businesses encompass mobile communication devices, all types of computers, personal computers, software's and application services are very competitive in the industry. The company faces competition in all areas of its production operations in the industry. The market is also flooded with small business entities in the industry causing Apple Inc. to spend a lot of funds in the in research and innovations to enhance development. The company spent heavily in 2013, for instance, $790 million, 2014 spend $1. has been affected adversely by many government regulations limiting the company's performance in the market.

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In addition, and agreeing to the fact that Apple Inc. is a multinational company having more than 500 stores located in 19 countries, it is with no doubt that the company will not only face government restrictions from the home country but also government policies relating markets in all the other countries in which its operations are active. This therefore requires that Apple Inc. needs to adjust to the international business spectrum. This is just among the major local and international government regulations that the company faces or dreads to face. Apple Inc. inputs This multinational company operates on both the variable and fixed inputs. Among the fixed inputs which primarily support the company’s operations include the corporate buildings, the manufacturing sites or rather factories as well as the equipment therein.

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on the other side, the variable inputs, which are recognized majorly by the human resource input consisting of more than 98000 employees globally, and energy used by the company are part of the company’s input inventory. Increase in product portfolio gives the firm a diversification in product variety of the market, which, attributes to diversification in the income generating channels for the company. The Apple share value hit a record value of $99. 80 for instance, following the introduction of iPhone and Apple TV in the Global market. The economic performance of the company, as well as the country, was influenced positively. Apple company introduced the App Store that was instrumental in the marketing of the company products such as iPod Touch, iPhone, and Apple TV.

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Therefore, the pricing decisions in the business industry are made by dominant entities. Apple Inc. Profitability Analysis The company has experienced variability in the profits over the recent years. The profitability fluctuates due to different and prevailing economic conditions of the current economic conditions of the company over the years. The global market recession affected the profits of the company over the years. products in the low-income states are sold at a lower price as compared the prices of the same products in high income developed economies, especially in developed countries. The product differentiation strategy of Apple Inc. has facilitated its dominance in the industry and make it more attractive in the market. The customer preference for the quality of the company products in the industry and on the market makes the company products unique and valuable.

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