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HAPPY HEELS is a new brand being introduced into the heels industry to meet the needs of those women who desire to wear heels all day long. It is a brand that perfectly combines modesty, style, and durability to give women the most comfortable heels of all time. In addition, this report will cover what drove us into starting HAPPY HEELS and what the company is about. The location of the business is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Besides, the report also covers the management of the company which comprises the organizational structure, organization chart, and management style. The heels will have different unique styles that can enable women to easily match them with their clothes. Our cutting edge will be developing a design that can blend in well with a number of clothes.

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We are planning to start locally with an online shop where our customers can easily quickly order their products and give product reviews. Our plan is to attain a 30 percent share of the UAE market and then expand to other countries in the Gulf and the Middle East. 0 Management In HAPPY HEELS, innovation is the key because we want our heels to be not only unique but also more comfortable than any heels. This is based on the fact “Coca-Cola as a brand name came from one of the employees. “Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right” This management statement by Peter Drucker drives the innovation goal of the company (MacKenzie, 2010). Further, the company will prefer managers who adopt the management by objectives idea of Drucker which measures employee performance by a job’s typical standards.

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Besides, the objects need to be set based both on the SMART framework and Drucker’s idea of “if you want something new, you have to stop doing something old. 0 Motivating Staff Human resources are the most critical resources of any organization. It is important to note that the company will have job rotation procedures to prevent any possible mechanical breakdowns and job boredom. Job rotation will also equip the employees with a wide range of skills and knowledge of discharging various duties Reference List Christ, M. H. , Emett, S. A. John Wiley & Sons. Available at: https://www. wiley. com/en-us/Project+Management+Best+Practices%3A+Achieving+Global+Excellence%2C+3rd+Edition-p-9781118657010 MacKenzie, I. English for business studies: A course for business studies and economics students.

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