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Other companies like Samsung and apple have stores which are directly funded by their mother companies and also acts as their customer service outlets. The two brands are the largest competition to the company’s stores in the whole of Canada. Although they do not stock other phone brands apart from the brands from their mother companies, they have both accumulated a staggering 80% of the market share in the mobile phone sales industry in Canada. The competition has been so tough for Ontario technologies, which operate on 11% of the market share but they are still strong in the market and has a hope of increasing the share to 14% by 2019. 1) External and Customer Analysis: a. Sex: Is the firms’ product mix for women or men? The firm’s product is a product mix.

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It can be used by both men and women. However the mobile phones come with a variety of colors and thus make it easier for both men and women to choose from various choices. The reason for the variety of colors is because some colors are considered feminine and others masculine; thus making the customers comfortable while purchasing a phone. iv. Product related approaches i. User type: who uses the products produced by your chosen firm? Our stores generally stocks Huawei and LG mobile phones. Due to their simplicity and affordable prices, mostly customers aged 18 to 25 years purchase phones in our stores. According to research, this age bracket is made up of young people who are fresh from college and have not yet started earning; and thus they need pocket friendly gadgets.

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ii. c. Unmet needs i. Are there any unmet needs in the market you are examining – products that could be better? In this market there are not much unmet needs. However, there is a big problem when it comes to the availability of feature phones. Some customers do not prefer smart phones and want to use feature phones. Total sales? The companies have massive strength in the sales sector. They have very effective strategies and better discounts and thus take about 80% of the market share of the phone sales done in Canada. Apple and Samsung are the two giants. ii. Relative market share? In Canada, apple bulldozes around 54. iv. What are their strengths and weaknesses? The two giants have several strengths that make them better in the market.

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First, they get their gadgets directly from the company and thus have no procurement problems. They also have the ability to give huge discounts at times. The two companies are also well funded and thus have the power to employ huge task forces to enforce their targets. Is there any growth left in the current market for your chosen firm? Although the two big giants have colonized the market heavily, there are still some few small spots in the market left to assimilate. With the upgrade of mobile gadgets from Huawei and LG, some customers prefer them due to low prices. c. What is the current size of the existing market in which your chosen firm competes? Our company mostly deals with Huawei, Motorola and LG mobile phones.

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