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The population of people with tattoos has kept growing worldwide, and it is estimated that in the United States alone, $1. billion is spent annually on tattoos. The Need There is need to ensure that the design of a tattoo looks good on a virtual skin before it is inscribed on a skin permanently. This is to ensure that no errors are made since it is hard to remedy. The colour too has to be selected and other considerations. The solution The solution is to ink on a virtual skin, assess it before it is inked permanently on a person’s skin. This enables one to make the right choices that he or she can live with and never regret. My idea I intend to develop and incorporate into our current website a realistic 3D human character/avatar which customers can put their tattoo design ideas onto, to visualise and adequately plan their body art before it is etched on them forever. Forecast usage The target is to get the maximum possible daily views; approximately 2 million monthly views. I will do a proper search engine and social network marketing to ensure this. How profit is generated The business will generate revenue by etching tattoos on customers directly. Part of the income will be used to pay off the running costs such as rent of the premises and maintenance costs. Profits will be obtained from the difference in the revenue generated and the operational costs. Software Development I am in contact with software developers who will develop the base software I intend to use.

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I will deploy it and adjust it further to the needs of the business. Situation Analysis Macro environment • Economy: The economic situation of Planner Island where the business will be located is stable. Nationally, the economy too is favourable for setting up of a new business. • Legal: Legal requirements like business registration and work permit must be obtained to avoid illegal operations. • Technology: The technology architecture must be supportive of the business. It should also be user-friendly. ” The vision statement: “To educate and promote ethics in the art industry with corporate social responsibility. ” The objectives of the business include: To transform the tattoo industry and make it lucrative again, to inspire art lovers to embrace tattoos, to change the negative perception that tattoos have been associated with and to promote professionalism in the art industry.

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Financial Objective: To make a decent living out of art. Business Philosophy: The philosophy of the business is to promote professionalism and regard for art as a means of eking a decent living. Corporate culture: The corporate culture of the business is to embrace and demonstrate regard for each other at the business place. External market environment The foreign market, though of perceived importance to the course of the business, also influences the success of a business in a given locality. Through the market, global opinion about a product is formulated and propagated to all parts of the world. A global view may shape the local market. Experts Tattoo does not have direct influence over the global economy but good deeds done at a small scale by many people have a positive impact on the growth of the local economy.

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If global opinion favours the survival of the business, then the business will grow and flourish. Stakeholders are the driving forces behind the business’s success or failure and therefore need to be treated well. In the case of our business, customers are the primary shareholders whose needs should be met for survival and growth of the business. The overall target of this should be to increase the profitability of the business. Differentiation and positioning Differentiation: Incorporation of attributes like price and quality into a product or service to entice target customers to view it as a different and desirable. Experts Tattoo will ensure they never disappoint their customers by offering the best quality services at affordable prices hence value for money. Experts Tattoo will use fliers, social media and peer networking as a means of endearing ourselves to the public.

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People: Various people are involved in the running of the business; customers, co-workers, the society and the government. It is expected that for a business to thrive; it maintains close ties with the people that are involved in its operations. Experts Tattoo will embrace and appreciate the role of the people that are associated with it. Implementation and control Personnel Management With personnel management, the focus is on the proper assignment of duties/ responsibilities, giving incentives, training the workforce on selling methods that work and also meeting financial requirements for the efficient running of the business.

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