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Finally, there is the task in finance that entails financial presentation and profit scrutiny. Mission Statement At Apolotech, our mission is to assist people and companies throughout the word to arrive at their full potential through motivation to lead in the development, improvement as well as manufacture of the industry’s most advanced computer systems. Our aim is to be the most flourishing computer company in the world, with the commercial responsibility to our stakeholders, offering the best available experience in the markets we serve. We are dedicated to meet the expectations of our clients by makings sure that we provide safe computers without complications, with multipurpose workstation, portability in their designs at competitive prices. We also offer the best service and support accessible, with innovative designs that become accustomed to the needs of our customers.

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Description of Business and Industry Marketing Strategy Apolotech will make use of distinguished or segmented marketing tactic. Our target includes several sections and we plan to market different goods for the maintenance of every segment needs and desires aligned. We hope that offering product variations for separate sections will help us accomplish higher sales and a powerful position in the market unlike when using an undifferentiated approach. A distinguished marketing approach will mean a higher cost of carrying out the business but finally, we will gain financial benefits. The augmented sales projections prevail over the disadvantages of the enlarged cost of marketing. Our central part strength lies in the supremacy of our workers. We have a group of qualified and specialized computer engineers as well as technicians, a group with outstanding experience and knowledge in a variety of functional areas in the production.

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Apart from the synergy in our cautiously preferred employees, our services will be directed by best practices in the business and we will guarantee that we have all products and kinds of computers in our store all the time. Weaknesses: one area of weakness that Apolotech has witnessed is the need to develop its monetary performance. The collective balanced scorecard points out a different rate as compared to the company’s monetary performance. They are likely to find an alternative to replicate Apolotech products, published public notices and may even recommend lesser prices. Consequently, the need to stay ahead of the rivalry to alleviate these intimidations is very necessary. Competitive Advantage To make it to the business world of computer sales as well as services, the company needs more than knowledge and understanding of how to deliver best computers and maintenance but too how to system with most important individuals that matter.

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We are quite responsive that to be greatly aggressive in the computer sales as well as services business means that we are not only anticipated to deliver consistent computer supply, fixing, restoration, networking, and preservation jobs but have to be able to convene set objectives. The competitive advantage of Apolotech lies in our capability to have power over handy stock with our skilled personnel and immediacy to most important markets. This segment was preferred as a result of its high market potential in case section desires are met in the appropriate way. Forecast and Projections In the future quarters, the firm should show development while preserving or increasing productivity, demand as well as market share. From the previous quarter’s division sales and productivity statements, the company expects an augment in the expansion rate.

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The business will become inundated with challenges and needs to stay by the competition in all aspects of the marketing mix. Products will require constant development through exploration and development to maintain order for its brands. The workhorse segments desires and requirements include user-friendliness, fair cost, workplace applications, after-sale service and support as well as ability to connect to other computers. Other features include user-friendliness, speed and power as well as ease of accessibility. The firm considers targeting the Traveler segment at the first quarter given that it is a highly attractive position market. As articulated in our mission statement, we wish to place ourselves as a high quality leader and manufacturer of computers to assist people and businesses all over the world to get to their complete and exclusive potential.

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Apolotech will continue to focus on the two preferred segments to keep on improving product offering, post and price. Competitors also set their costs comparatively low. Products from the company have seen a substantial profit. As conferred previously in this plan, the prices of products in are set in accordance to competition in mind. The firm is not alarmed of setting high prices as an indication of lavishness or status, nor is it trying to accomplish the objectives of counteracting low prices by advertising computers with a high capacity. As an alternative, value pricing is accomplished for customers to feel at ease buying new computers. In the microcomputer business, direct advertising with an enthusiastic sales force confirms to be most successful.

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