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It was hard for me to factor people in so as to love them. I struggled with the idea of love being boundless, an emotion that can be shared with as many people as possible. At the time I had a few friends that I loved sincerely not forgetting my parents, siblings and a few relatives. My idea of love was the sense of obligation that was aimed at taking care of those that I loved. This may have been because my parents acted as if they were responsible for me and they constantly told my siblings and me how much they loved me, therefore, leading me to believe that love and responsibility went hand in hand. Even in high school when everyone had predicted we would drift apart, we still stuck together.

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We didn’t eat lunch together anymore, but we made sure that we saw each other a couple of times during school. Whenever any of us had a problem, we would seek each other out, and we would all work together to solve the issue. Separation, as I said, wasn’t easy. When the first born had to go to college far away from home, we were all in a somber mood for weeks. My parents were willing to support me in anything I did. They supported all of us and made sure that we thought of ideas on our own. They helped us in our science projects by guiding us and sometimes instructing us to work together; they didn’t believe in doing all the work by themselves.

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They helped us to be independent. Thinking of the future and my partner I would prefer that he be more supportive in terms of raising the children. My parents have always been a team for as long as I remember. Even in instances where they should have been separate, they handled things as a team. They love each other dearly, and they are one of my main inspirations to find a partner that loves me and understands me. The most important rule in our house, while I was growing up, is that everyone should always be available for family dinners. Family dinners started at the same time every day, and every person had to be home an hour before to help out with the food and to set the table.

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According to my mum, the teenage years would come with rebelliousness, and she was only trying to clock in more time with us before we became too stubborn to want to spend time with them. As a result, every weekend would either be spent picnicking, watching a movie, a trip to some ancient place or game days. It was fun because we got to spend a lot of fun days together doing stuff that we all enjoyed. The teenage years as my mother had predicted came with a bout of stubbornness. We were all around two years apart meaning once my brother hit teenagehood the rest of us weren’t that far behind. My parents were keener in keeping us safe, they played an active role throughout our teenagehood, and even today I have to call home every few days or answer when they call, or they will have to drive out to come and make sure that I am okay.

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I believe that I am an optimist that chooses to see the best in people rather than a pessimist that views everyone as wanting something or just negatively. I believe that people are born good and that certain aspects of life cause them to change to be people that may be viewed negatively but all in all they are good at heart. People do not need to be judged for every wrong that they do. Punishing people because they committed wrongs may seem like an efficient way to rid the world of wrongdoers but I think what would be more effective is changing the system that turns these people into wrongdoers would be better off. I can handle things not going my way, but the effect is usually harder for me (Muruthi et al.

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My parents taught me to be resilient and to look at challenges in a way that they prepare me for the future. They make me a better person. I have tried to implement that in my life as I keep on growing and expanding my knowledge. I am yet to master the aspect of resilience or to bounce back after a failed attempt, and I hope that in the near future failing will not frustrate me as much as it does. I do not consider the views of others as stupid in any way (Piotrowska, 2015). I listen to them and offer them my own views which could have to be different from their own. I can argue out my views clearly and accept when I am wrong and when I need to change my views.

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