Mike VI Bengal tiger in Louisiana State University

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IT uses mascot (Mike the Tiger) which is a true Bengal tiger. The university only uses students dressed in costumes during football match but keeps the real tiger in the habitat on campus, taken care by university medics. Louisiana State University (LSU) has had several mascots since 1935 which has defined the university's values and principles in sports. Some of the Mascots the in LSU included: Mike the Tiger I, Mike II the Tiger, Mike III the Tiger, Mike IV the Tiger, Mike V the Tiger, Mike VI the Tiger and Mike VII the Tiger. Mike the Tiger is the official LSU's mascot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and acts as a graphic image. September 2013). It is, however, significant to note that that, Bengal tiger species is majorly from India with few of them in Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Myanmar, and Bhutan.

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This type of species is the most numerous with over two thousand and five hundred left in the wild. The gestation of Bengal is different from other animals but almost similar to other carnivores. The female reach maturity at three to four years while the male takes four to five years (Toungman, E. He entered in Tiger stadium on the day of the match between Florida and LSU where LSU emerged the winner 28-24. It is also significant to note that Mike's habitat was made of natural substrates, including grass, rocks, stream, waterfall, and pool. IT also has some elements of renaissance structural design and facts educating the visitors of Mike on the subspecies of tigers. By 2015 Mike was 10 years old.

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