Peoples Ethnicity and Citizenship on different Experience of labor Suffering and Respect

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The five years in the field give him enough evidence on how racism and ethnicity affect the people working on the farms of the berries and vineyard. Seth had an idea of helping the migrants from the kind of life they undergo but he was also like one of them since he can’t do anything to rescue them. He observed these for a while but can’t save the situation. Ethnicity is shown when the people from Mexico are given less concern and interest even if they work in the farm with other works. the farms had worked from varies countries like Spanish and Latin countries but the ones from Mexico faced a lot of problems since they were considered the Latin Americans being superior to the Mexican.

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Hence the combination of these different people will face the rejection from Native Americans working in the farms of barriers and vineyard since they consider themselves as the appropriate individuals that should work in the organization. Apart from ethnicity which was discussed by Seth as the discrimination of certain group of people in the farm, the issue of suffering and respect also arises within the midst of the working place whereby the unfortunate grope of people with less number and power in the society was not given chance to rule or lead anyone in the community or workplace. The respect for the less fortunate was too minimal and not recognized by anyone. Respect is a two away traffic in which one should give it first and expect the same in return.

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For the case of workers in the berries farm, the coalition of people are from different countries like Mexico and another place, the once given more respect and high job hierarchy are the once given respect and honor in the society. The discrimination did not shake some of the workers since they find it better and safe to be within the United States than to be in their native lands like Mexico and California. Theory of structural vulnerability according to Holmes gives the migrants hope of life within the United State since it make sure that health care services are well attended and considered so that the working condition of the people from other countries receive special care and treatment. it concern much in providing the essential medical care which is the major problem to the people of the united states.

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Those people come to work in the state but the way they were treated was not good and hence Seth was trying to fight for their rights. basic health service to these people will not cost much but at least it will show them the kind of love and concern from the employer(Farmer and Ivers 2012). also, the other way in which the violence appears as the social science give out information’s on the wellbeing of the migrants in the country. The money challenges facing their life include how this person suffers from the problem of chronic disease without the attention of medical care and food security since the conditions of all the migrants is always considered Another concept is the social suffering in which the migrants suffer from the physical and emotional torture where but the boss may abuse the worker in form of every one the social relationship between the member and the employer the abuse is not good at all since the one claimed for doing all the things which are not pleasing the migrant people.

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