The Uses And Benefits Of Oyster Mushroom

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The paper reviews these uses and benefits of the oyster mushroom so as to inform readers of the impeccable benefits of the oyster mushroom,that they may not be aware of. With this, the health and nutritional benefits can be highlighted, so that people become more inclined to seek natural preventative actions to improve their health, and also so that the role that these mushrooms play in the environment get to be appreciated. The Uses And Benefits Of Oyster Mushroom The first use of the oyster mushroom is its ability to clean the environment and reduce pollution. It does this in two significant ways. The first is by absorbing toxic metals such as mercury and the second is by feeding on decaying matter and turning them into nutrients for the soil over periods of time. It is evident that the presence of metals in the soil has severe repercussions to the health of man and to the environment because metals cannot be degraded to harmless products biologically (Das, 2005). Additionally, heavy metals in the soil decrease the activity of microorganisms in the soil and obstruct the metabolism of plants (Singh & Kalamdhad, 2011). Further, the uptake of these heavy metals by plants poses a potential threat to animal and human health. The oyster mushroom plays a key role in eliminating this challenge because it absorbs mercury through its mycelium channels and removes it from the environment. In a different light, the oyster mushroom decreases pollution by eating wood, paper, and even petroleum products and finally decomposes them.

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Specifically, the inhibition of cancer cell cycles was found to be higher towards lung cancer cells, based on an alternative study by Sliva and Jedinak, which also holds that the oyster mushroom affects the growth of colon cancer cells and breast cancer cells (Jedinak & Sliva, 2008). In a different light, studies indicate that oyster mushrooms contain potent antitumor activity that fights different kinds of tumors (Anjana & Savita, 2017) highlighting that indeed the oyster mushroom can be beneficial for cancer patients. The third use of oyster mushrooms is based on its health benefits and its medicinal uses. Firstly Oyster mushrooms have health benefits such as helping the body to reduce cholesterol levels. The mushrooms produce statins which are compounds that stimulate receptors in the liver, to clear cholesterol from the body. For this reason, they are used in common dietary supplements so that they can aid in preventing diseases and maintaining good health.

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The fourth use and benefits of oyster mushrooms are dependent on the high nutritional value of Oyster Mushrooms. They are high in nutrients since they contain folic acid, iron, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin c, and vitamin B-1. Additionally, approximately 1 cup of oyster mushrooms contains 37- 42 calories (Carson, 2017), 6g of carbohydrate, 3g of protein, 2g of fiber and 1 g of sugar. The specific quantities are 361mg of potassium, 3mg of riboflavin, 2mg of copper, 103 mg of phosphorus, and 4. Additionally, the iron is used for the production of red blood cells and during the conversion of blood sugar to energy. For this reason, the iron present in the mushrooms also boots a person energy levels, promotes good sleep, and impacts their motivation positively. Finally, oyster mushrooms add an earthiness to various dishes and can be incorporated into a variety of simple dishes based on the fact that they cook quite fast.

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For this reason, they can be stir-fried, incorporated in salads and made into soups for cold days. Most importantly, oyster mushrooms are a versatile dietary option as they can be eaten for dinner or lunch, they can be incorporated in breakfast recipes such as scrambled eggs with mushrooms, and they can be included in snacks such as pizza which can be eaten once in a while to break the monotony of eating meals that are entirely healthy. Fibre protects the heart by still lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and by providing a person with the feeling of fullness which impacts the weight of the person. Finally, oyster mushrooms help in thinning of the blood which makes blood pup through blood vessels easier. Conclusion All in all, the oyster mushroom is has many uses and benefits by firstly being beneficial to the environment due to its ability to reduce pollution by decomposing complex compounds and taking in metals such as mercury that cannot be degraded biologically.

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It is also beneficial for cancer patients by interfering with cancer cell cycles and by fighting different kinds of tumors. The mushrooms additional health benefits and medicinal uses highlight its importance as well since the mushroom has been proven to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels and for its antioxidant and antiviral properties. livestrong. com/article/348755-oyster-mushroom-health-benefits Das, Nilanjana. Heavy metals biosorption by mushrooms. Retrieved from pdfs. semanticscholar. Sliva, D. Pleurotus ostreatus inhibits proliferation of human breast and colon cancer cells through p53-dependent as well as p53-independent pathway. International Journal of Oncology, 33(6), 1307–1313. Lindequist, U. Niedermeyer, J. Parades-Lopez, O. Edible mushrooms: improving human health and promoting quality life. Internanational journal of microbiology, 1-51.

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