Mise en Scene in German Expressionism

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The rest of the objects and characters in that scene automatically distance themselves from our minds; they become inert. Symbolic and abstract devices are used too effect this expressionism. With all attention glued to the characters at play, it is expected without a doubt that our hearts will be moved. It was an alternative to Hollywood’s advanced technology which German artists could not match with. In The Cabinet of Dr. It is absurd that the villain of the plot – Cesare is sleeping in a box-structure shaped like a coffin. Most people, indeed fear the dead, for no clear reason. Be it moving from one town to another in a hearse or when seated next to a coffin, the feeling is often uncomfortable.

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Alan who was earful of his life wanted to know his fate, which Cesare said lightly that he would only make it to the following morning at most. The night, he meets his death through a stabbing. It is a good sign though for Francis who is going to find out shortly a blanketed truth. The coffin in the asylum was but a dummy. The supposedly asleep Cesare in that coffin was the one who was causing trouble including Jane’s abduction; finally, he dropped and died. Through these few cases, German Expressionism stands out in invoking the deepest emotions as each scene unfolds. Light with darkness is cleverly used that it becomes irresistible to develop goosebumps for the horror scenes.

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