Moral and Ethical Issues Concerning Abortion

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Some individuals view abortion as a totally wrong activity because it goes against the accepted morals and values of human beings in society. On the other hand, some individuals see it as the best choice if it had to threaten the life of the mother. This is mainly from the ethical point of view. Other individuals in society have no idea of whether to accept it or go against it. Abortion leads to the creation of an ethical dilemma for individuals who may wish to do it. Parents do not want to involves themselves in the situation of adopting the child. This enables them to make earlier decisions of terminating the foetus in order to avoid many sufferings in the future.

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Today’s society has got many questions concerning abortion. One of the questions is whether is it morally or ethically wrong killing a foetus that has the strength to live? The individuals who are supporting the idea of abortion base their argument on the fact that the foetus has not evolved to a complete human being in the womb. It does not have the qualities of being called a fully formed human being. She was forced to conceive. Therefore, she has the right to abort the pregnancy. Another example is on the couples who become pregnant due to unprotected sex. They were fully unprepared to handle this pregnancy. What are they supposed to do? And what if the man will not be able to accept being responsible for the pregnancy.

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This has also led to the emergence of many questions which have no appropriate answers, for example, is unplanned pregnancy the quality of being lucky in society? The lucky women are mainly the ones who will want to be pregnant and end up being pregnant. The lucky women are also those women who do not want to be pregnant and end up not being pregnant. Women should not be pressurized on these grounds. They should be able to decide on the appropriate ways of making decisions. No one is willing to be responsible for the child of other individuals who involve themselves in unplanned pregnancies. They are able to decide on whether to have the pregnancy or destroy it. Additionally, is about the reproductive choice.

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According to Macleod et al (116) women have the right to decide whether to reproduce or not. The should be given the opportunity to make their own decisions in their lives. This will make them be fully in control over their lives. People who are not able to take care of the child once born should terminate it as soon as possible. This will enable them to avoid encountering many sufferings in the future. In the long run, it will help in reducing the population growth of any nation. Abortion is a substitute for birth control measures. Destroying the foetus at the early stage is not a criminal offence. They are not willing to fulfil their biological role in society. Women should base their decision in relation to their role on earth.

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Abortion is going against the will of the society. Some societies end up cursing them and chasing them out of their community. They are seen as murderers in society. They see themselves as being more fortunate in society as compared to other struggling couples. Such women always become guilty if any idea concerning abortion crosses in their minds. The whole society also discourages them from involving the act. They see it as a blessing which may be taken away if misused in any way. This ends up making many women not to involve themselves in the activities of abortion. Abortion is regarded as murder. Murder is an illegal activity which is against the law of any country. Women who involve themselves in illegal activities should be judged in the court of law.

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Richard C. Halverson, former chaplain of the United States senate argued that abortion is against God’s plan for life. Individuals who involve in such activities are seen as killers. They are only participating in the killing of innocent souls. “Let's not pretend that abortion isn't about the mass slaughter of innocents. ” These were the words of Michael Aston, the leader of Gene Loves Jezebel, in relation to act of abortion. They should take part in protecting the lives of even the unknown. Strict rules are put to discourage many from involving in the activity. This idea has prevented women from involving themselves in matters relating to abortion. They fear being named as killers in society. The women have no right to make their own decisions regarding their lives.

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