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The reason for this trend is because campaign staff have been professionalized, the use of new technologies like social media and use of funds to cater demands that are unprecedented in political campaigns. The rise of campaign consultants has played a significant role in changing the way campaigns are conducted. These campaign consultants manage all the political aspects like advertising and sourcing of funds. In the past volunteers who used to run campaigns were motivated by candidates or political party’s ideals. These volunteers were initially motivated by the gain they will have after the candidate wins the elections. They also organize how fundraising will be conducted to generate money for the campaigns. Development of the candidate’s stance on issues that are important to win the support of the voters are done by the public relations consultants and policy directors.

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Media consultants work involves doing advertisement on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook among others to ensure that they sway the opinions of voters and leave a positive impact to the them. Voter have a wide coverage of information at their disposal. They don’t depend on one source like it was in the past where candidates had to engage voters directly in speeches and discussion. Latest developments in campaigns can be transmitted to respective candidates through instant messaging and possible interventions initiated depending on whether the outcomes were positive or negative. From the above discussions I can therefore summarize that tremendous changes have been witnessed in the way campaigns are conducted when comparison is made on how it was twenty years ago.

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In the past management of election was purely done by volunteers as compared to today where they are managed by extensive staff who are dedicated to their roles. In the past campaigns focused on fundamental activism, it has however been shadowed by what is referred to as “Netroots-activism” in which politics are driven by blogs, Facebook post, Instagram and tweets. Fundamental activism requisition of finance was low even though money was a consideration. Political expenditure was recognized as a form of speech that is protected and limits were removed on the amount of money that can be spend on overall campaigns. After the ruling, the growth of PACS has seen a dramatic shot. Over 5800 organizations today raise and expend money that influences federal elections.

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Since these PACs have been established by federal government business partners. It is therefore sufficient to say that growth of PACs is a characteristic that has led to permanent campaigns because once the candidates get in office, they are observant to make sure that they maintain a good relationship with these committee that solicit for funds from donors and individuals. The difference between governing and campaigning seems to have faded in recent years. The impacts of “permanent campaign” on the presidency have been analyzed and it was found that the congress, Whitehouse and politicians focus on electoral concerns has been growing throughout their tenure in office. This clearly demonstrates that more time is spend on governing by the president. Tracking the relationship between governing and campaigning involves examination of various choices of strategy made by the president and the impact those choices have on president’s priorities.

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The focus has been on campaign fundraising and the electoral institutions. The repercussions of such acts tend to plunge down the good governance of the federal government and thus the states will have failed their citizens. To circumvent the problems the first approach would be for politicians to be conscious they they should not be ashamed of losing elections and also not seeking reelection should also not be shameful. The congress, Whitehouse and senate should therefore be aware that they are not recognized by being reelected and does not guarantee people embracing their leadership wholeheartedly. Presidents who have served for one term are respected widely even though they lost election. Failing to get reelected does not forbid one from participating in public service.

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