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For the advancement of skills in the company workers, continuing education is vital, especially if one is determined to qualify for a higher position. The ever-changing work environment also requires professionals to keep learning more skills to apply when playing their tasks. Also, for the enhanced life-long learning, as it is the required in professionals needed in the medical waste management company. In general, continuing learning is essential in making a worker more resourceful and relevant at the workplace based on the organizational changes. The impact this policy change may have on the organizational behavior and organizational culture of the company The implementation of a company-wide policy change to require continuing education of workers every year would influence the organizational behavior and culture.

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Lack of successful communication plan would make workers to resist the policy change. To address this barrier, it would be vital to make workers aware of how the change will influence their working and how they would adopt a particular change. Poor planning of the culture shift is another barrier as it affects workers’ responsibilities. To overcome this barrier, it would be important for the planning team to consider the workers' feelings concerning that change. Organizational complexity is another barrier that can be addressed by hiring quality and effective change management approaches. Speaking openly would prevent the dangers associated with the spreading of rumors among workers, as this would cause the use of vague language and lead to confusion among some workers.

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Employees see the right of being informed; therefore, once the management engages in open communication about the planned change, this would enable workers to feel motivated even to assist in making the change useful. Workers can also help with their ideas, which might make the transition more successful. Approaches managers can use to build team performance and two organizational barriers to team effectiveness In the implementation of the change policy, groups of workers in the company can influence each other and collaborate making the implementation process successful. Also, to enhance team performance, the manager can use different approaches such as building rapport or a good relationship with all workers (Benn, Edwards, & Williams, 2014). , & Williams, T. Organizational change for corporate sustainability. London: Routledge.

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