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Several strategies have been used in the past to boost the performance of the students in high school and colleges with some failing to meet the target and others recording dismally performances even after channeling resources on the project. As a result, teachers and students have been looking for the ideal strategy that will help the students score better grades in their studies (Suskie, 2018). Definition of the Problem Traditional means of tracking the progress of the students have failed and with new technology, it is possible to use it to track students’ performances. A study by Fuchs and Fuchs indicated that when teachers keep a close track of how their students are progressing there is a probability of about 20% increase in the students’ score (Mackenzie, Gabites, et al, 2017).

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However, the study also stated that this method has not been efficient enough to warrant it being the first choice for tracking the performances of the learners at University. The stages have been described in the model design in this report. Every detail is being done online as far as learning is concerned and, thus, it is high time we drop the traditional teacher-student physical interaction to discuss progress and adopt a new online-based platform that will give students a chance to monitor their educational progress. Thus, it as a task-based system that will involve three steps before the students can have a graphic display of their progress. The three phases will reflect a chronology of events that will be undertaken by the students from a lesson based program and the importance of each stage.

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Timekeeping skills are some of the factors that can determine the success or failure of a student. Also, the advancement of technology has changed the way we view our strategies of skill acquisition, knowledge growth, and tracking of the performances. Since most universities are already using learning management systems then they will find it easy to accept the role of an online functional system that is being introduced in this report. This will allow more students across the globe to be able to use a system that understands what they need to do to perform better. An application of artificial intelligence that understands the needs of students in relation to their class work and in one or another ensures that they meet the demands of their coursework for them to succeed (Laudon and Laudon, 2017).

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An effective functional learning strategy will provide the students with different options on what they can choose from to make their assignments more interesting compared to when the teachers are controlling everything. In this case, the maxim of “planning the work and doing the best to follow the plan” is put to test. The student will only realize the results after following the stages systematically and in case he or she is not satisfied with the performance, they can always repeat the task until full potential is achieved. The framework provided above shows the benefits of each stage if completed appropriately, for students who want to improve their performance. Design Phase One (Pre-task) Although the system is designed to help students improve their performances that cannot be achieved without the input of the teachers.

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Thus, the first gives the teachers a chance to prepare the students for the upcoming tasks. At this stage, the learner will be given freedom to choose a plan they feel comfortable to use in completing the task. A no planning option will entail allowing the students to decide on which task requires attention first. A guided planning in which they will choose to be led by a professor on the timeframe of the task and questions they will handle. Finally, a guided plan in which the teacher decided the content of the assignment is provided. In this case, the teacher wants to see specific details in the assignment. Final post phase There are three goals of this phase. Firstly, if the student fails to meet the deadline or feels he or she didn’t do the research well then they have a chance to repeat the task.

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They just need to click the “repeat task button” and in the comment section provide a reason. Secondly, if they are okay with previous work then they can highlight how they have accomplished the task. Thirdly, there will be an option of highlighting issues, within the system or from their studies that they saw as being problematic so that necessary steps can be taken for improvement. Discussion Why the University should purchase the new functional learning system Most universities across the world have been adopting online or the e-learning management services thanks to the major developments in information technology. The knowledge is applied to the new learning management system is the same as the one being applied used in e-learning. The system allows all students, both “classroom” based and those undertaking various courses under the e-learning system, to have a common way of tracking their performances (Collins and Halverson, 2018).

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