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, however, has not given up ensuring such sectors which have shown the decline in their performance is going to get assistance. To achieve this it has established an Act which through which such challenges can be addressed. The research which has been carried out has shown at one time the population of sheep in this country was twenty times more than that people. This recently has declined to about twelve times the population of the sheep to that of people. This is something to worry about taking into mind how important is agricultural sector in the contribution of the country’s economy. This will leads to high efficiency in running the programme and its aim will be achieved within the set time by the government and the organization.

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This technology will turn this organization a recognized training center to many companies in the agricultural sector (Gan, C. L. , & Balakrishnan, V. This shall be advantages because through this it can come up with programmes which generate money to handle its activist. Also the cost of buying the necessary hardware and software might be very high. This can be worse at times when some of the trainees have to be trained also on how the technology works so that they can be in a position to apply it. In addition some of the remote areas might not have internet connectivity which can accessibility of the data a challenge using the technology because always requires internet connectivity. There are times when the system can be experiencing some challenges in loading information especially in areas where there is no internet problems but at some times the internet provide fails to give the strong internet to support such activities which require high speed internet.

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Also due to challenges associated with internet connectivity it means while on the field there are some area trainers shall experience inconvenience in accessing training materials in remote areas or in people’s records in the system using the technology(Gan, C. This will cut high cost which the organization could have used to pass the same skills due to inefficiency encountered by using approaches which are not effective. Furthermore, the organization will be left with a working training management system which utilizes the first class technology after the end of the training and it can be used to continue supporting the organization agenda of helping agricultural sector by impacting the necessary skills and fill the gap in the shortage of labor.

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Through this technology, this organization can come up with other types of the management system which can be used to accomplish various functions aimed to achieving the mandate enshrined in the organization concept (Osseiran et al,2016). This technology, therefore, has many benefits which can be realized if it is implemented and be used for piloting the training programmes sponsored by the government. This technology is anticipated to reduce the use of paperwork by more than forty percent (40%) which translate to cutting the budget for the paperwork related activities by more than thirty nine percent (39%) “By the early 2000s, agricultural ITO was an organization buried in paper” (Eusebio Scornavassa, pg. Through this research also it was realized agriculture alone it contributes to about twenty percent of the GPD of this nation.

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