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5 million non-profits organizations in America (Waters 106). The non- profit businesses are commonly known as non-stock organizations. For this reason, they, therefore, take different forms for example contributions of an individual enterprise, corporations, partnership and joint ownership under the condominium acts. Notably, before the commencement of the business, it is a requirement that the non-profit organization is regarded as non-profit and required to work under the stipulated and purposes of any other non-profit organization. There are a variety of non-profit organizations existing in the business world. In the period between1800-1920, the progressive era was realized (Powell et al 38). This was an era characterized by the increase of both the political and the social activism. During this period, there was an immense increase in child labor, the suffrage of women and rise in rates of unemployment.

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Despite the few challenges it was also an era of success and prosperity in the United States of America. The increase in wealth, therefore, it facilitated the rise in the art of giving among the people. Later on, in the year 1976, a bill that required organizations to spend $1million annually on persuaded efforts. The digital era which began in the early 1990s provided an appropriate platform for the non-profit organization. The internet got discovered, and the World Wide Web became readily available for use by the public (Powell et al 38). These introduce technology which many thought would never exist. The non-profit sector enrolled in the online giving donations that raised billions of money as the years progressed. Several schools have been made in the US which gives the poor and the unemployed parents a chance to take their children to school.

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Secondly, the non-profit organizations are useful in carrying out detailed and informative research such as the causes and the effects of the soil erosion and the spread of various epidemics. The main reason why they carry out the research is for the general good of the public. A good example such an organization is the RAND corporate (Bryson 111). The company exclusively help the people in matters related to security, health, education, sustainable development and education, which is an act of good faith. To maintain the status of a non-profit organization religious organizations are required to refrain from politics through funding of a particular candidate. Non-profit organizations are used in by trade organizations to foster the goals and objectives of a particular professional group.

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This is accomplished through product promotion to customers regarding the existence and availability of the specific products and the benefits accrued from buying them (Bryson 111). On behalf of the other business enterprise, the non-profit organizations further differentiate the products available to those in different markets. They feed customers with relevant information, for example, the price of the product, the product itself and the specific place where the product got obtained The non-profit businesses have become a useful organization in most society due to the notable improvement in the education sector. These get split into various levels depending on the size and relative influence of an organization on the community. As earlier mentioned, NGOs have the welfare of the adjacent community at heart and work towards bettering the society regardless of the revenue or organizational benefits to be accrued from a venture.

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In their noble course, organizations impact societies in positive as well as negative ways, with the pros evidently outweighing the cons. NGOs reduce the relative influence of governmental and private institutions which are relatively centered on making monetary gains, and this works to the detriment of economic mechanisms in society in favor of noble but noneconomic courses of action. As the influence of economic means wanes in society, generation of revenue to power the generation of social amenities or provide revenue for the government get negatively impacted. Often, these organizations work in tandem with governmental institutions and ensure that the administrative powers understand the interests as well as the priority needs within the society out of association with the local community.

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Notably, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and governments become the primary beneficiaries of such technical assistance and training exploits. Besides, governmental bureaucratic settings deter creativity and swift responses which further begs for the presence of an NGO to provide market penetration and make the pilot studies and demonstrations. After these initial tries, the government takes note of emerging opportunities and makes investment decisions in favor of the same in future congressional sittings. Still, an NGO fosters communication between governmental heads and communities which does both parties a world of good in that it prevents sluggishness on the part of the government as well as revolts from citizens due to misunderstandings (Powers 403). With profit not being the primary focus, NGOs are in prime position to seek to work to the best interests of the community members and work towards solving public problems.

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