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This is as a result of quality products and intensive product promotion. The product promotion has been done globally taking advantage of social media platforms like the Google owned YouTube services. The advertisements are currently majoring in African countries, notably Kenya South Africa and Nigeria. Oppo brand is growing fast enough, thereby amassing new markets and receiving a viable returns. The current flagship Oppo smartphone is the Oppo F7. 8 Recommendations ………………………………………………………………. 9 References ………………………………………………………………………. 10 Introduction: Branding Oppo The smartphone market has currently become so predominantly competitive (Yang, Choo, & Limb, 2017). This is largely attributed to technological advancement in the field of inventions and developments in computer systems. The communications technology has recently developed to a point of brand wars. Making a brand from scratch mostly requires a new product or rather the next big thing.

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To make this a possibility, Oppo has to create its niche in the heavily flooded smartphone market which flows majorly with the leading tech giants like Google, Samsung and Apple and as well as Chinese brands that are already enjoying the wide market benefits(Lazareska, 2017). These brands include the Huawei, LG, Tecno and upcoming brands like Itels among others(Yang, Choo, & Limb, 2017). The strategy to accomplish this will include intensive marketing, and as said earlier on, competitive prices and an innovative item in their products (Dubé, Fang, Fong, & Luo, 2017). Brand audit Brand is one very powerful aspect of marketing (Can, 2017). Oppo is putting money on the accessibility of its antecedent electronic gadgets and contraptions in making worldwide nearness in the advertising and sending its specialty in the cell phone showcase.

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The current cell phone showcase internationally is exceedingly focused with most world brand having the best of business sectors in the nation. Oppo endeavoring to make it in the smartphone market requires a total investigation of what alternate contenders give and afterward improving it or delivering a total diverse better taste of the present arrangements from its rival (Yang, Choo, & Limb, 2017). Brand concepts In Brand concepts, we view at the technological niche of the Oppo in the smartphone industry. The flagship smartphone that has been developed by Oppo, majorly markets its photography capabilities. Apple on the other hand is well known for extreme Apps that are equally intelligent coupled with very rich user interface, strong security and very sleek attractive designs (Khanmohammadi, Rejali, & Hamou-Lhadj, 2015).

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Solution Oppo therefore has focused in industrial development of very powerful camera, with software enhanced lenses. The Oppo technology in camera goes back to its low cost smartphone, the Oppo A37F. The current Oppo flagship, F7 boast of dual camera and an extensive 25Mega Pixel lenses. The resolution supported here means that it is much powerful than its predecessors. In branding, the age of the company does not matter (Dubé, Fang, Fong, & Luo, 2017). Google has been around since 1998, well it is a tech giant today, unlike Samsung who has been around since 80s. Apparently it is worth noting that the elements of branding relies on specific factors as projected by the company. In our case they include the following: Improved design on hardware and physical user interface, improved design in software, a cutting edge competitive pricing and Free Complementary devices and an updated customer support (Dubé, Fang, Fong, & Luo, 2017).

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Oppo industry has many brand elements that can be discussed here. After the hardware design, the software follows (Khanmohammadi, Rejali, & Hamou-Lhadj, 2015). A compatible software process and an inaugural hardware is what makes the core customer brand appreciation. Commonly, the brands used by customers are largely related to the user interface and user experience. The user experience entails the Artificial Intelligent aspect. For instance Oppo has an AI-powered camera. Complementary devices coupled with reliable customer care support - These days’ customer support and complimentary devices that come with the key device purchased is very basic in brand maintenance. The system should also be compatible with other devices, for instance music devices, external storage and other devices. Complementary accessories like wireless headsets, wireless chargers and, so much more.

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These devices each ensure customer loyalty (Gracz, 2016). Marketing mix The objective branding purposes is significantly targeting the millennials. The inventory provides an up to date information and an inclusive profile of how all the Oppo products are branded and marketed. It is specifically an assessment of the brands quality and functionality. The exploratory reveals the consumers’ perspective and knowledge of this brand and how this information can be useful in market evaluation. Oppo receives multiple complaints from customers regarding limited number of vendors of the Oppo products. Reduced sales during recessions together with this has posed a major challenge to the company at large. Search Marketing Techniques.  Search Marketing Strategies, 43-67. Dubé, J. , Fang, Z. , Fong, N.  R. , & Hamou-Lhadj, A. Understanding the Service Life Cycle of Android Apps.

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