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The young workers are assigned tasks to perform on the vehicles that go through their duty stations. Each individual worker is assigned thirty-six seconds to perform tasks like squirts, twists, snaps, and knocks over each car, which passes on his place of work. In this company, performance and output of the employees seem to be two key issues of great concern whereby their performance is measured against time. Despite the high productivity and the high out, the company experienced some conflicts, which altered the operations. For instance, Tony and the workers of the company decided to strike because the management implemented policies to charge the employees if they do not meet the required threshold as per the given time limits (Garson 113-126).

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After the management noting that Tony could not meet its expectations penalties are enacted as a way of propelling him to perform. Due divergent views from the organization and Tony and his fellow colleagues they choose alternative ways of expressing dissatisfaction, which is through strikes (Garson 113-126). Where it that they were comfortable and had already accepted the organization targets, they would use dialogue to negotiate the issues. The performance of Tony was good but he could not withstand the pressure and high speed hence the organization fails to achieve the set objectives since the strike wretched the entire manufacturing process. From the interview conducted, Tony used to work in an organization where conditions of work were poor. There various ways of motivating workers in organizations like the use of incentives, promotions and even psychological motivation, which would work better for Tony to meet the set, limits (Hatch et al.

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When workers are motivated they nature a spirit of positive competition and production of quality work among themselves which helps the organization meet its goal. Motivation makes people focus and concentrates on the tasks; however, it is also influenced by other factors like the value of the motivating factor. If the company could set a motivating factor that Tony feels that he can access or have it even without working it would not stimulate him to work hard. Perception The second concept that can be used to resolve the conflicts between Tony, his colleagues, and the management is by having a homogeneous perception of the tasks. Suggested changes Since the Ohio general motors used penalties to try to compel Tony and his colleagues to meet deadlines, the workers resulted to strike as a way of expressing their displeasure to the company decisions.

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in order to solve the production problem. In this case, the organization should come up with motivational strategies and packages to help Tony accept the challenge of working within the set limits to attain the demand of the organization. A motivation package influences the psychology of workers to add extra effort in their worker targeting attaining the motivation, which leads to the success of the organization. Secondly, through the involvement of Tony would have helped rescue the situation from a strike, which in the end paralyzes the company’s production process creating a shortage in the market in the vehicles supplied (Walker et al. Conclusion and recommendations Organizational behavior is one of the key aspects, which need to be considered by all managers and organizations for successful attainment of their goal.

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