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Insurance policies would cost more than ordinary citizens would not afford. The insurance companies also displayed some resistance to providing coverage to the poor due to pre-existing conditions that held them from offering cheaper health insurance premiums. To this extent, the signing of PPACA opened ways for a larger population to access insurance coverage. Widespread of the problem Healthcare insurance was the reserve for the wealthy in the US. The poor would not have an opportunity to access the services due to the bureaucratic nature of the process to acquire health insurance policies. Most people failed to afford better healthcare services due to the challenges surrounding healthcare insurance. Although the insurance policy cost would not be afforded by the ordinary people, the insurance company’s way of accessing their services also denied others who had the capacity. Insurance conditions that existed created a barrier where all that wished to get the services went through numerous challenges. People affected by the problem The extent to which the problem has reached is unimaginable. Illegal immigrants and refugees are among the victims who would not access the medical cover (Abdus, Mistry, & Selden, 2015). Therefore among the millions of US citizens who were not able to pay for the insurance policies, are the illegal immigrants and the refugees. Therefore it is quite a huge number given the extent to which these people getting into the US. As such, the problem would persist only until the signing of the PPACA n 2010. The affected by the problem and how The problem would thus affect the individuals who are not capable of raising the amount to pay for the insurance premiums.

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In this case, the illegal immigrants and the refugees would not access the insurance even if they have enough income to pay. The other group of affected people is the poor citizens of America. Given that the health insurance premiums are costly, these group of people would not be lucky enough to afford it. Evidence regarding “causes” of the problem Major healthcare problems in the United States emerge from poor service delivery and below expected management levels. Given that insurance cover for most people would improve the overall health standards of the people, it is also clear that some areas within the healthcare setup would not make a significant contribution to the health of the people (Islam et al. Unlike the United Kingdom where universal healthcare cover has been implemented for everyone, the United States has more to be done.

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To make this work, the law provided rights and protections that would make the health care coverage cost effective. It is also noted that with such laws in place, the accessibility of the health care services would be easier for the majority of citizens who are poor. Resources or opportunities to be provided by the policy The policy presents a significant opportunity for the many people who are not able to access better healthcare services. PPACA is a solution to major challenges that have affected the healthcare service provision (Shaw, Asomugha, Conway, & Rein, 2014). Cheap insurance policies is an example of the opportunities that are presented by the policy. In addition, any personalized modifications would be discouraged given that the policy seeks to meet all the health needs of the citizens. The policy also will accept healthcare cover plans for all employers seeking its services.

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The aim of such a provision is to increase the number of those under the healthcare cover. The plan also provides access to various coverage choices for all the Americans. Short- and long-term goals and outcomes of the policy Short-term plans include the establishment of reinsurance to reimburse already existing plans as the new policy takes shape (Hu, Kaestner, Mazumder, Miller, & Wong, 2016). Following the Public Service Act, the HRQ has the responsibility to ensure that patient safety remains the key important aspect of their endeavours (Abdus, Mistry, & Selden, 2015). Determination on the effectiveness of the policy One key factor that would be used to determine the effectiveness of the policy is by the use of sustainable frameworks that would identify weaknesses as areas to be improved. Length of time policy would be in existence The policy is expected to remain in existence for the many years to come.

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The working of the policy might come to an end only if a better health care plan comes into place. Knowledgebase for the policy The policy could be associated with the political factors having championed it over several years. Mazumder, B. Miller, S. Wong, A.  The effect of the patient protection and affordable care act medicaid expansions on financial wellbeing (No. w22170).  Journal of public health management and practice: JPHMP, 21(1), 42. Shaw, F. E. Asomugha, C. N. Evidence-based clinical prevention in the era of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: the role of the US Preventive Services Task Force.  Jama, 314(19), 2021-2022.

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