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1 Current System 1. 2 Stakeholder Identification 1. 3 Determine Needs of New System 1. 2 Develop Project Charter 1. 1 Stakeholder Identification 1. 2 Identify Project Objectives 2. 3 Identify Project Constraints 2. 4 Identify Project Assumptions 2. 2 Determine Project Team 2. 3 Make Preparations for a Project Team Kickoff Meeting 2. 0 Initiating The high rise of the customers is very crucial into an operating firm, in our firm there is emerged increased in the number of customers that force me as the human resource management to come up with the plan idea in our firm on how to increase well affairs of the health of individual in our firm, customers payroll, and vacation health of the customers. This I managed to do by purchasing a software payroll called paymaster. This paymaster will replace the payroll we are using and also processing all the payroll taxes, vacation and health advantage to customers in the firm.

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1 Evaluations & Recommendations From there It was clearly that we had to come up with the plan of how to get the system which will best suit our needs and even replace the manual system which we have been using. Base on the discussion we conducted we decided to interviewed some five companies which are the best suppliers of the best system which are reliable, although our firm only required only one system. It has been determined these employees will work as a team to the completion of the project. 2 Budget The Stakeholders determined agreed that there would be no purchasing of the new cloud based software as the cost was extremely high and the cost of running the dual systems during the transition was also high approximately $100,000.

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