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It may also help the organization to come up with the correct pay structure of various employees in the organization as they will be remunerated in accordance to their special skill set and job effectiveness in the company. It also helps the employees to recognize their mistakes and work towards improving those mistakes (Dusterhoff, 2013). It plays a crucial role in enhancing and improving the general performance of the organization as it motivates the employees to be better than they were. Performance Appraisal also helps in the evaluation of employees’ capabilities so as to help in anticipating for their future potential. Additionally, it can be said that it assists in identifying the training and development requirements of the employees as it pinpoints the exact places where things might not be working well and coming up with better methods to ensure that it is looked into.

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Once the standards are determined, the employees are informed about them and made aware of everything that is expected of them in regards to the standards. This step is crucial as it will in turn help in the easy evaluation of employee performance in the organization since the employees will know what they are working towards and will make them know that they will all be evaluated according to the same standards (Akram & Malik, 2013). The standards should also be clearly defined in order to make the work of measuring the performance of the employees easy. After communication of the set standards, the following step will be the actual measuring the employee performance. Here, the actual performance of the employees is evaluated.

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The employees are also corrected in the other areas where they did not do so well so that improvement is made in that regard. The final step entails the establishing a corrective action. In case of a significant gap that is found between the actual performance appraisal and the set standard of expected performance, then measures are supposed to be taken in order to ensure that the gap is bridged. This is to ensure that employee performance is enhanced and the necessary steps are taken to ensure that effectiveness in the workplace by the Human Resource of the organization is significantly increased. References Akram, I. The impact of employee satisfaction and service quality on perceived firm's performance in high contact service industry of Pakistan.

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