Emotional fluctuation of the patient who implanted Left Ventricular Assist Device

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Interdisciplinary research member will be conducted this research consistent with the grounded theory to build the method of phenomenon inductively. Theoretical sampling will be used to finding the appropriate indicators. By individual interview and moderately involved participant observation, the researcher will obtain precious information regarding the LVAD patient's feeling. The face-to-face meeting is guided to a semi-structured interview conducted with open question and participant behavior will be described with the checklist during participant observation. The several coding strategies (open, axial and selective coding) will support to draw the extensive and detail result. Thus, the patients may have a hard time being emotional instability. Considering current studies are not focusing on the emotional impact of LVAD patient, this research has the potential to the further management, not only psychological aspect but also physical aspect.

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To fill the gap between the physical treatment of the disease and the mental perspective, this study for understanding the emotions is urgent. The results of the of the research can then form a necessary ground for the creation of a new framework towards supporting the emotional instability associated with the class of LVAD patients. • Aim 1: The primary objective of the study is to determine the psychological fluctuations involved with the installation of the LVADs on the patients. Heart Failure is Common An approximated 5. million people suffer from heart failure in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting, about 292,000 die yearly due to heart2. Some of the patients with advanced heart failure have a low chance of survival due to the limited donor supply or not eligible for transplantation.

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Left ventricle assist devices, which works like heart regarding the function of pumping, are considered as the available option for treatment of the last-stage heart failure. A3. Why Left ventricular assist device in heart failure patient Left Ventricular Assist Device as Bridge-to-Transplant (BTT) to earn the time until waiting for the transplantation or Destination-Therapy (DT) who are not eligible for heart transplantation. The classification of the patients is referred to as the bridge to transplant patients include individuals with acute cases of cardiac failure despite optimal medical therapy. The other groups of patients that are assigned to use the LVAD include the patients those designated as a Destination-Therapy (DT). This team is for the patient who has severe heart failure despite medical treatment but is not eligible for heart transplantation.

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Due to the above life-threatening side effect and the comparatively short life expectancy of severe heart failure make that LVAD is unable to persist in the lifetime. A5. Emotional impact of LVAD patient poorly understood In previous studies to analyze the emotional response to other treatment, exacerbations of heart failure lead to arouse heart failure patients of self-care maintenance and management like taking medication or dietary modification. Moreover, worsening of heart failure evoked emotions around concerns for family and mortality11. Comparing to well-built emotional response to general heart failure prognoses studies, the psychological impact of LVAD patient poorly understood. However, this implicit bias is not too significant considering the benefit of this study. With the rigor of this study, it has the potential to construct the evidence for understanding the emotions of LVAD patient.

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A7. Significance Great dedication and commitment have been put into consideration to address the emotional effects that have been displayed by the LVAD patients. The research conducted has immensely contributed to the understanding the conditions of the patients and treating the bias that is associated with the emotional response of LVAD patients. The health practitioners should, therefore, stop at nothing to give patients the maximum emotional strength for survival. Innovation As the increased a prevalence of heart failure, the possibility to be implanted LVAD also increased for the severe heart failure patient. Even though understanding the emotions of this population is essential and the related study should be performed to provide better care, no prior research has sought to document the experience of living with LVAD from the patient perspective.

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Using novel method from grounded theory, we will learn what patients need to be better supported. The patients with LVAD are affected emotionally, and socially and psychologically, they, therefore, need the constant support to be able to cope up with the situation. Clinical partners are required for this part, the scope of their treatment is not limited to guidance and counseling. There is dire need of supporting the patients living with LVADs.

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