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Every healthy marriage requires that the marriage partners to have a strong foundation that will enable them to address issue that can have detrimental impacts on their marriage and potentially lead to divorce. Successful marriages call for counseling prior to the union to foster harmony in their relationships. This will help them to reduce disagreements within the union (Lavner, Karney & Bradbury, 2014). This paper will therefore form an effective premarital program with the aim of preventing divorce. In particular, the program will focus on the foundation for strong marriage and identification of divorce predictors; common problems faced on newlyweds; and an outline of evidence-based interventions that will address the common problems faced by the couples. Amongst the many reasons, bottom line should be the love towards each other.

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Respect is the other strong foundation of a strong marriage life. There is a need to be appreciative of the differences but they should be respective to the difference. Love should be the dominating facto in the marriage. A marriage union will be healthy if the two people who are willing to engage in the marriage union will have strong feelings towards each other. If one partner has an unsettled issue that he/she wishes to address, be open and talk to the partner openly. On the other hand, the partner should be open to listen and reason with each other to reach an amicable solution. Unaddressed issues in marriage overtime will become combustible and may eventually escalate to uncontrollable levels.

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Being open and honest is a virtue that will enable partners to avoid unnecessary confrontations as they are able to iron out issues before they get out of hand. Poor communication and dysfunctional communication are some of the main causes of marital conflicts. Failure to disagree with those directions may make the other partner feel belittled and lead to a disagreement. Time management and schedules for each other is another problem that the newly wedded couple is likely to face. Sometimes, a partner may be having a working schedule that is not favoring the marriage such as a different working schedule from that of the other partner. This may pose a challenge as there are possibilities for each of the partners developing mistrust among each other which can be a potential problem for divorce.

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Housework is another issue that many newly wedded couples find difficulty in dealing with, and sometimes it even leads to severe disagreements. One of such ways is encouraging the persons to prepare a financial budget for their family. In developing a budget, a couple will be in a position to have time together plan the manner in which they shall spend their incomes. The planning together creates room for ensuring that family expenditures are shared and approved and differences are discussed and agreed upon as soon as they arise; especially in regards to their finances. Budgets also create the room for long-term investments for the family and therefore make them tied up for the common cause of achieving their long-term dreams.

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Couples ought to be honest on matters to do with finances. In this way the children have time for intimacy actions with the parents without necessarily loosing each other. The amount of time that a couple spends together can be a factor in building up a healthy marriage. Staying together enables couples develop a strong bond that will enable them to stay together for long. Sharing in many aspects unites the souls and allows the people to form strong bonds and assume a sense of belonging. Thus, newly married couples shouldn’t opt to stay apart as this may affect their marriage (Boardman, 2013). Evidence-based practice solutions such as getting away from the parents are discussed. References Boardman, S.  K. Practice Note: Marital Mediation: A Psychological Perspective.

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