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For instance, some of the companies that are using celebrities to market their products are Adidas, coco cola and Nike. As a result, the companies spend a lot of money to pay the celebrity and therefore management prefers a good person who can make the company win many customers. Furthermore, many of the celebrities used are the musicians, movie stars, footballers among other talented individuals. Therefore, this paper is tailored to write a persuasive report on behalf of my marketing team to recommend Jennifer Lopez as the best celebrity to endorse the Nike tennis shoe in the Nike Corporation. This context, our marketing team is targeting to wean more customers who will enable the Nike corporation make a huge profit as the Jennifer Lopez has many fans who follow him as result of her music, movies and TV shows.

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In this context, she is well known as the first Latin actress to win such amount of money and she further established in Hollywood as the most paid Latin actress. Jennifer Lopez released many films that attracted many fans and media coverage in both the United States and the whole world. In this context, one of the films that attracted many audiences is The Wedding Planner that she released in January 2001. This film became the number one in the entire United States among the women films released in 2001. As a result, the film was a commercial success to Jennifer whereby she made a lot of money. Therefore, will have 24 days in Northern America and will take place in June and July (Verhaaren et al, 398).

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Jennifer Lopez Charitable Participation Jennifer Lopez is a celebrity who is passionate about helping other people who are in need. Therefore, she does not only use celebrity for selfish gain but also participate in charitable work. For instance, there is the Lopez Family Foundation that is a nonprofit organization which aims provide access to health medical care to mothers and children (Reynolds et al, 127). Furthermore, the organization provides education concerning health to less fortunate families. Jennifer Lopez interview Following the greater contribution of Jennifer Lopez to the music, the media personnel's have been covering every act associated with Jennifer Lopez. Therefore, various interviews have been contacted by the media trying to make the public know the impact of Jennifer Lopez on the society.

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As a result, in an interview, Lopez said that she grew up in the Bronx until her early youth and she understands the life of ordinary people in society. In this context, she said it through the hard work and talent she has been able to move out of Bronx. Further, when Lopez asked about men’s ego and she replied that it is true that men are more fragile and sensitive as compared to women although women (Koopmans et al 2018). However, three people who interviewed they were not fans of music and they cannot provide any information concerning Jennifer Lopez. In those who were filling questionnaires were 120 and various people had different views on Jennifer Lopez. Therefore, 102 respondents acknowledged that Jennifer Lopez can be termed as the best artist among the women in the United States.

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Conclusion This paper seeks to come up with a clear picture to convince Nike corporation management that Jennifer Lopez is the best celebrity to endorse Nike shoes to the customers and bring huge profits to the corporation. Therefore, from the above discussion, it is evident that Jennifer Lopez has many followers who can bring success to Nike Corporation if given the chance to be the celebrity to endorse Nike shoes. Therefore, her popularity makes her the best celebrity who can make more customers to buy Nike shoes hence bringing more profits to the Nike Corporation. Work Cited Carlini, Joan, et al. "The corporate social responsibility (CSR) employer brand process: integrative review and comprehensive model. " Journal of Marketing Management (2019): 1-24. Koopmans, Marion, et al.

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