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The coffee bar will be determined to provide for them an extremely comfortable place where these individuals can get to meet with their friends or just sit there, relax and read a book, while enjoying a mug of coffee, all together. The demand for a high-quality gourmet coffee is increasing in Birmingham as well as great delivery of service along with it, especially the one steered to meet the demand for the young generation as they serve others. The business will provide the best prepared coffee in the entire city by using the ancient Chinese recipe of brewing coffee that the owner’s (my) granddad shared. The coffee will certainly be complimented with pastries (or snacks prepared using the same ancient Chinese techniques) and will come in handy with free books that will be offered to our patrons to enjoy as they visit our business.

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Students will also enjoy a discount that may not be extended to the other consumers. As a limited company, the liabilities for the obligations and debts of its members will be limited to the extent of their ownership in the company or investment (Hazlehurst & Torrance, 2015). This means that should our firm be sued, our personal assets such as the real estate, and bank accounts will be protected. Also, the firm has an allocation flexibility, implying that the money that we invest in the company does not necessarily reflect our ownership percentage (Hazlehurst & Torrance, 2015). Task 2: PESTLE Analysis The success of our business in the UK industry depends on the correct PESTLE analysis and is mostly beyond an individual’s control. One of the leading political factors affecting the coffee industry includes the government attitudes and the trade relationships between the countries that produce coffee and the UK (Euromonitor 2015).

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On technology, the current world has a highly advanced technology that helps the business to get access to better coffee machines. This implies that the company will be able to apply better techniques that incorporate the ancient recipes to make our coffee to meet the demands. Also, we will be able to produce many varieties using the machines without spoiling their flavours (Levitt, 2015). Also, these machines will enable even a start-up like ours to make great coffee similar, or even better than our competitors who have been in business for a long time. When it comes to the legal factors affecting coffee industry, the leading is the import and export laws. The ceremony would just be a small one with entertainment events like fashion show, showcasing of the best coffee available for tasting, and live band music.

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The cost of the entire event may be quite high, but it would justify the returns in the near future due to the first impression created on the customers (Hospitality and Catering News, 2013). The advertisement campaign for the business would therefore start about three months before the actual opening, and if possible get one of the local celebrities to endorse our brand. Part B It is very important for the business to put in place a clear budget with all the estimates. For the sake of the uniformity and accurate estimation of the costs to be incurred, the amounts will be recorded as UK pounds. 38 per square feet, and will come to a total of £3432. vi. Remodeling of the premises will amount to £7800.

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vii. Other expenses used start-up like stationery (£390) and phone and utility deposits as well as the hiring of the systems to be used in the launching event (£1950). These students have a busy life and hardly get any time to take a rest from their daily routines. They need a place they can socialize as they relax, and enjoy a mug of high-quality coffee with friends. Another target is that of the local coffee addicts within the town who seek to satisfy their need for good coffee and relaxation after a long day. Marketing Strategies To get hold of the students, the business will print out highflyers and deliver them to all the surrounding campuses. Also, the social media marketing will be a major platform to use due to the frequency at which they use the media.

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