Political mobilization of the Muslim Brotherhood in the years 1928 and 2011

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Afterward, the organization faced periodic government violence for a claim of terrorist activities it was thought it involved in (Zahid & Medley 2015). In 2015 the organization was rendered a terrorist organization by the Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates’ president. Since it was started in Egypt in 1928, the organization has spread to the entire world claiming the adherence of millions of people from a different section of segmented society. Due to its popularity, the organization has over a half a million active members. During those early years, Muslim Brotherhood was openly a political-religious in the reform and the mutual aid society. These formations of the political prospect that was formed in Egypt act as the essential part of the main story in the mobilization of Muslim Brotherhood.

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The structure is not apparent in the incidence of political mobilization of the Muslim Brotherhood though there were also some essential elements regarding the Egyptian political landscape that works against Muslim Brotherhood. E. g. , the political system of the Egyptian had mobilized many people in the past, which was based on the system of regime patronage and landholding elites, precisely at the end of I world war. It is argued from those years that parties of political Islam are considered to be a natural outgrowth of the Muslim societies. For example, the introductory book that reads the world religion that was published by Oxford University Press in the year 2007 has so far outlined the chapter on Islam religion. Beginning with the birth of Islam religion and ends with the birth of Islam religion describing the events of 9/11, concerned with the Madrid bombing together with the London transit bombing.

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The mentality logic in the religion is that Islam religion is related to violent from those years. Generally, during 1928 when the Islamic religion started it happened to overcome political challenges as it was regarded as a terrorist group, the religion was only known in most Islamic religious countries but not globally (Al-Rahim 2011). Though to some other communities do not recognize the importance of being as one in the Brotherhood, that is one of the major problems that is encountered in the error of 2011, seemingly the organization is losing the usual cooperation as globally Islamic religion is encountered all over the world and in every country. Ethnically in political mobilization of Muslim Brotherhood in the error of 2011, there seems a different political power as Muslim communities as split creating several Islamic groups all over the world.

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Moreover, in 2008-2011, the Muslim Brotherhood was more notorious on political evils all over the world. They were regarded as the largest terrorist group by the government of U. S, concerning the document that was published in 1928 that the Muslim had planned on taking over the United States (Malthaner 2011). In 2011 this changed but not that much, you will find that the Muslim Brotherhood communities still support each other politically and economically boosting each other when there is a crisis, we can still realize that the Brotherhood has still maintained the love and the charity they have been offering to their community. If we realize in current generation or 2011, we find that the Islamic religion has spread to every country regardless of the religion practiced in the country.

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