Pressure on Texan Policy Makers

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It is also trivial since it is of interest to my constituents, the governor from my Republican party and even the speaker of the House. What makes it more trivial is the fact that both my constituents and the governor support this bill but the speaker and I oppose it. The major reason I do not support this because I find the bill morally wrong and not in the spirit of the constitution. But before voting, I have to solve this huge dilemma that I face. My constituent as well as my governor, who is also a member of my party support the bill. Another role is the Delegate Role which is assumed by people who perceive representation as doing what their voters want.

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They do this at the expense of what they feel, they do this with the notion that they were sent here to do as per the wishes of their constituents even if they may disagree. It is a common trait in Texan House of Representatives. The Politico role is a role that combines the first two roles. If I assume this role, it means that at one time, when discussing bills which are very important to me, I assume the Trustee role and when discussing bills that are very important to my district, I would assume the Delegate role. The speaker makes the appointments should be done on the basis of merit and would still make appointments that satisfy their interest.

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The speaker, in this case, would also appoint a chairperson who serves his interest and in this case control the fate of the bill. The speaker has the power to assign the bill to the committee unlike another state, where there are house committees which are in control of the process of bill assignment and in some cases there are clerks. The speaker, endowed with the power to determine when to assign the bill controls the fate of the bill. The speaker has the powers to determine if and when the bill is brought before the house for discussion. They are the electorate. They expect me to play the “Delegate’s Role”. They would remind me that after two years I will go back to them seeking reelection and thus they would use that as leverage to control how I would cast my vote.

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